Our matey Canalh already covered this back on a Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post here but as it’s due out in a couple of days time so I thought we’d give it another airing with more goodies 🙂

Here is a FREE MP3 from the upcoming debut album “Sabor Tropical,” out on Fort Knox Recordings on Jan. 11th.

MP3 “Pereo Intenso”

Grab it above and listen below!

Pereo Intenso by Empresarios

Video for “Pereo Intenso”

Official Spiel!

Fort Knox Recordings is proud to present Sabor Tropical, (out January 11, 2011) the debut album from the Empresarios.  The band was originally introduced on the 2009 label compilation The New Gold Standard 2, with infectious tunes that just begged to be remixed and reworked. The Empresarios are the first new artist to release their own full-length album on the ever-growing Fort Knox roster. With Sabor Tropical, they have set the bar very high for the new generation of artists to follow.

From the opening track on Sabor Tropical, you already know you’re in for a diverse ride of styles.  The album smoothly combines latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton on a groove-oriented tip, perfectly balancing beats for both the headphones and dancefloor. The album is sophisticated and sexy, while still staying true to its roots.  Sabor Tropical effortlessly transports you from the relaxing beaches of Playa del Carmen to the streets of Spanish Harlem, and everywhere in between.

Hailing from the Washington DC area, the Empresarios are adept at mixing diverse cultures and sounds together. This five man collective led by Javier Miranda (Vocals, Congas, Producer) alongside John Bowen (Video DJ, Producer), Paul Chaconas (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Producer, Engineer), Sonny Cheeba (Brazilian/Latin DJ, Producer) and Sammy Arsam Khosh (House DJ, Producer) bring their own personal style to every track. There is no shortage of creativity among these talented musicians and DJs and their influences, from downtempo, dub, Latin, house, trip-hop and reggaeton can all be heard in their definitive, eclectic sound.

The 15 sun-drenched vibes on Sabor Tropical are perfect for a warm-up session or a nice cool down at any time of the year.  Fort Knox Recordings are excited to bring you this new album, which continues their mission of showcasing new, modern global sounds from the nation’s capital.

ABOUT THE BAND: The Empresarios Sound System represents an international selection of original music created by five talented and experienced musicians and artists. Not only is the music diverse but so is the group and the guest vocalists, from Latin artists like MAFU Crew to Rootz & Zee from See-I, there is never a shortage of amazing artists who collaborate with the group.


Javier Miranda: (Vocals, Congas, Producer) THE BOSS EMPRESARIO. Javier’s skills on percussion and obvious passion for music is what sets him apart from the pack and his resume speaks volumes. 1993 * Performed for Paul Newman at The Rainbow Room, New York, NY with Richard Montgomery High School Jazz Ensemble. 1999-2002  * Toured with Thievery Corporation across Europe, Iceland and the U.S. 2003 * Performed with Mustafa Akbar for his United States tour 2003 –*2006 musica fresca tour* Currently Javier performing weekly with See-I, DC’s hottest band, as well as touring with various DJ’s across the United States.

Sonny Cheeba (Brazilian/Latin DJ, Producer) Sonny Cheeba has been influenced by the sounds of Hip Hop and House music from an early age. 21 years later moving into sounds of Reggae and Downtempo music. A Washington D.C.-based Downtempo and Reggae DJ and producer with a driving beat and smooth mixing technique. For over Twenty years he has brought his vigorous style and enthusiastic stage presence to events throughout North America and Brazil.

Sammy K. aka Sammy Arsam Khosh: (House DJ, Producer) Arsam’s passion for music began in his hometown located in Northern California just miles outside of music and art Mecca San Francisco. This inspiration developed into a full blown passion for house music. Over the last couple years Arsam has turned to producing and has been continuing to develop his production skills by spending a great deal of time in the studio. Arsam currently resides in Washington DC where he has engaged in various musical projects (including Empresarios Music) and DJ gigs all over the area. In the past year his music has been charted, played on radio stations and has received great feedback from established artists and record labels.

John Bowen, aka Video Killers: (Video DJ, Producer) After 16 years of holding down residencies in dc’s biggest & best clubs (Dream, Ozio, Club Five, Local 16, Science Club etc.) to doing events for Cindy Crawford in New York or spinning a movie premier in London; JB doesn’t stop pushing forward. While still rocking nightclubs & cooling down lounges, he’s at the front line of the video dj world taking over art galleries & museums. Over the past 3 years he produced the 3 volume Refresh mix DVD mix series that have sold 5,000 copies in Japan. RECENT performances include: Best of the Best festival in Miami (30k in attendance), THE Bob Marley Festival in Miami (35k in attendance), ULTRAFEST in Miami (80k in attendance). 2009 Black Caucus Event, Washington DC. He also makes up half the duo of Perpetual Sound System that released ‘Forward Selection’ in 2001 on DC’s Open Source Music label.

Paul Chaconas: (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Producer, Engineer) The Empresarios Chief Technology officer. Paul has performed for over a decade in DC hardcore bands (FAR CRY, ON EDGE), 20 years of studio experience (studied & taught at legendary Omega Studios) & 30 years playing any and & every instrument. Chaconas’s life IS music. He also makes up half the duo of Perpetual Sound System that released “Forward Selection” in 2001 on DC’s Open Source Music label. When not building his own custom guitars or working on his current guitar solo project, he is constantly keeping up on the latest software and hardware keeping the studio sessions running smooth.

About Fort Knox Recordings:

Fort Knox Recordings is the renegade funk n’ soul label from Washington DC. Established in 2003, our mission is to explore the funkier global side of music. Fort Knox is set to ‘Tell It Like It Is’ by smashing the artificial barriers established by the ‘System’ that keeps all ‘Good’ music down. Forget about tempos and genres – we want to take you back to the roots and reunite all music from our funk, dub, and global soul brothers – you dig?  So stop being so serious, this is music, it’s supposed to be fun.

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