This is a rare Dubstep Monday Special focusing on one person only.

We need to be shot for not covering this one much, much sooner and all thanks to my chance discovery via one of my favourite current producers Mr “kill-me-wid-ur-emotional-music-” NastyNasty.  The guy who translated blade runner from a script into music.  Now enough about him cause this ain’t about him but about her, Ill-Esha! But I could talk about him forever and a

Ill-Esha has to be massively in the running for the coveted Dubstep/Glitch Hop Queen title.

Listen to this MaaanG!

Pretty Banger (clip_ by ill-esha

And this, SwingST3P

Woof – Puttin on the Ritz (ill-esha remix) by ill-esha

This lady hails from San Fran, USA, but I can’t pretend to know her cause I don’t and because of label duties, I really have not had time to make personal contact with her for an interview or anything like that.

Here’s some stuff I found on MTV Iggy, who were recently kind of enough to say this about my Transnational Dubstep Promo mini-mix, “one of the dopest dubstep mixes we’ve ever heard”!


Take away some of the harshness of today’s rawest, wobbliest electronic music and San Francisco’s ill-esha begins to come into view. Her instrumental beats are synthetic and blippy, falling somewhere between slowed down pop production and smoothed out dubstep. The tracks from her newest EP Circadian Rhythms are filled with a warmth that some how comes through layers of unripe synth sounds.

Her drum and bass background is present here in only the smallest ways. Between the sluggish pace of the beats, little flares of her past influence are heard. On the final track “Sullen Sultry,” we get a full dose of old school jungle break for a flash before the song returns to an orchestral downbeat.

ill-esha’s take on dubstep is thoughtful and precise, perhaps more so than the mass of homogenous tracks lumped in with the beat style du jour. Coming up through drum and bass, a style that hit big for ages before fading out, likely taught her how to differentiate her sound. The maturity in her production comes through swimmingly on Circadian Rhythms. The diversity of mixes and tracks on her soundcloud page confirm it.

Here’s what she says about herself:

The music i like to make changes form constantly…

things i like?

drum & bass, downtempo, dubstep, glitch-hop, well written pop music, funk, soul, reggae, indie rock, oldskool punk music, jazz, classical…

i’m a film composer, dj, music producer, instrumentalist, vocal and audio engineer if you ever need me..

I also do A&R For Street Ritual Recordings. We like diverse, musical, genre-transcending stuff. If you think your stuff is right PLEASE send me a PM and your track!

AND, so here is some of that Soundcloud  bigness, this is amazing stuff!

Some downloads of mainly older Glitch Hop stuff but be sure to check the streamers of new tracks too because they’re amazing!

Keep it Comin Bootleg by ill-esha


Teal Sea by ill-esha


Statue of Diminishing Liberties by ill-esha


Mindelixir – Jacobs House (ill-esha rmx) by ill-esha

Antiserum & ill-esha – Overflow (clip) by ill-esha

Only Fair (clip) by ill-esha

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