Excellent DUB release here from Urban World Records featuring an almighty Liquid Stranger Dubstep remix and also a killa Tropical remix by NYC’s DJ Sabo.

Take a listen and download 1 free track too:

LoveAvalanche ft Mc BenJammin – More Love, Less Corruption by UrbanWorld Records

Official Spiel:

Ya rasta man, more love to tha world, help the bad man make less corruption.

UrbanWorld goes dub with the new EP by LoveAvalanche ft Mc BenJammin, a word to the world to fend off corruption and make more love. There is a dub version for the headphones and an extended version for the dance-floor.

Dub these days are almost synonym with step, so we invited Liquid Stranger to treat it with wobble bass and snarling synths. And for the tropical dance floor we are happy to have Sabo giving the track an undiluted tropical house feeling.


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