Who would have thought it.

Britney really officially dubsteppin’ it. Check it out @ 2.22!

We’d heard rumours about Rusko producing her new album, maybe this is part of it?


It’s not RUSKO who is getting hell about it on his FB.

It’s by some guy called Dr. Luke.  Shame the song is a bit shit Luke.  Would have been genius had the track been a killer track.

I hope Rusko pulls it off with a killer track cause’ I’m all up for it.

BritStep in a Rusko Stylee 4 da WIN!

P.s. Don’t Hold any of this Against Me..ahahahah 🙂


  1. apart from those 20 seconds at 2:22 it sounds more Basshunter than Rusko to me with that Harstyle-lite beat… you never know with Rusko though, I wouldn’t put this past him, that dubstep break is definitely not amateur..!

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