Back again with the fourth installment of the M series. This Ep
dabbles in different sub genres of experimentation.


Emalkay When I look at You (Heartbreak’s I love Moombahcore Remix) by David Heartbreak

Emalkay when i look at you- When I heard the original song for the
first time. I almost lost my mind. I am real big on doing remixes, but
i also believe in not disrespecting the song. What I basically did was
take my favorite dubstep song of all time, and made it danceable, not
saying it was before, just added a lot of reggae and latin spices and
riddims to the already classic. I drop this a while back, just to see
what people thought and people liked it so I finished it, and now I am


Doctor P Sweet Shop (MM2 Heartbreak Moombahcore Remix) by David Heartbreak

Doctor P- this is another dance with the devil(core), this shit can
be addictive and too munchi is unhealthy, so i am take a break from
the core haha. But once again, another favorite, i added some
heartbreak too, a little more aggressive, but still something you can
vibe too and enjoy.


Grown man shit- This is me just having a little fun, with all the core
on this ep, i was kind of in a dark place, and i had to make something
on a lighter note. It seems like a lot of people to a liking to the
shy day track, so i wanted to re create that feel, and give people
something to dance too. I am basically on my grown man shit on this
one, this is something I remember my parents dancing too, when i was
kid. so I figured what the hell. this is another walk into
moombahsoul. this moombahsoul stuff has a real good vibe to it, you
can be sure I will dabble in this again shortly

The whole ep, was based around the Moombahton Massive Event in DC,
with Dave Nada, Sabo, Munchi and myself… I hope you enjoy the ep. M5
coming soon, and a few H & M projects on the way…

Grab the ep here


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