There’s nothing more cool that visuals!! Videos are super important for many artists, some others do not really mind about that but there’s something that we all agree, nothing sweeter to see “creative” or cool vids. Today post.. only videos!! sweeet!!! and some of them BRAND NEW, or just few weeks uploaded!!!

To like spicy stuff?

Well it is not a NSFW kinda video.. but it is super funny!!  Chupa means suck it in spanish.. so i guess you wont need to be fluent in spanish to understand this lyrics lol

Video Premiere for Generation Bass:

Mambo violento from NY’s reaganomics n Caballo

You can download it alongside Villa Diamante’s already gone song, (in case you couldn’t get it)

Niña Dioz & Li Saumet – La Cumbia Prohibida (Prod. by El Remolón & Villa Diamante) by villadiamantezzk

Plus Grammy winners Chocquibtown newest tune and Chito rock banger in CANDELA

Now my lil brothers Caballito!!… I dunno why these guys chose that name..but now people have Caballo ..and Caballito!!  Anyway.. They are hot!!! They drop too much porno

Caballito is too much PORNO. Por COÑO LIBRE from Caballito on Vimeo.

Next Video is super dope!!!

Las Balkanieras NU ADAPTION of russian traditional “Kalinka” in a Dubstep/Balkan/Dancehall/DJ/Balkanieras STYLEE !!!

In case you missed that sublime post. Hottest release for 2011 so far!!! EMPRESARIOS!!!! reggeaton with a filthy bass

one video that has few weeks around as well…


Dub Master Lee “scratch” Perry & Dubblestandart LIVE!!!!!

Next one; from Tijuana: LOS MACUANOS( it’s only in spanish….so if you don’t understand it at all.. do not worry)

IT COMES WITH A FREE COMPILATION!! from my mates Tropic-all

Download right HERE

Check the tracklist so u wont hesistate in downloading!!!

Hottest mexican label

1- Armoniacida – El maestro del revolver
2- Pepepe – El Desastre (Original de Los Macuanos)
3- Beat Buffet – Ritmo Violento
4- Bootlegumachine – Bye La Le!
5- Chico Ye – La Primorossaa
6- María y José – Duro Duro (Más Duro y Pegao Edit)
7- Acorde On – Don Quijote Marijuana (Acorde On Refix)
8- Santos – La Revolcada
9- Los Macuanos – Bandera
10- Malandro – Infierno
11- Pedro Infame – Techno Humid Disco Fucka
12- Waya Waya – Elephantidae (Original Mix)
13- Panchitron – Hot n Fun
14- Zombiepill – Santo Santo

here it is the vid

Next one is a very ..very interesting “adult” ..clever and chic electronica
Atom Feat April White

Last one is a video response but it deserves the post as finally has decent audio!!

How to dance Dubstep!!! song Shambala 2008 by Excision


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