Big dub and dub derivative sounds popping from my Dutch neighbor over in Zeist. DubNL is employing major mash-up bizness and relentless Sample & Dub tactics to populate his Soundcloud with about 60 tracks in the month or so he’s been on. This guy loves reverb!

Ace cut here with some kind of Amen Jazz Dub inna 6 Million Ways To Die Mash Up!
This is a warning! – DubNL 2011 by DubNL

Reverb drenched, trance inducing dubwise workout.
The other side of the medallion ( Special #004 War Stories ) – DubNL 2011 by DubNL

A white hot stepper!
Shaka Dub – DubNL 2011 by DubNL

Sample, Trigger and Dub!! You’ll definitely recognize some of these.
Jah Dub – DubNL 2011 << free download >> by DubNL

Hammond through the smokey haze.
Monday Dub – DubNL 2011 by DubNL

I’ve always loved clamourous hihats through a tight spring reverb.
Urban Syles Dub – DubNL 2010 ® by DubNL


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