Jaro from Slovakia contacted us to tell us that he runs a net label
called stroboskop.sk that supports new & underground electronic music and producers from all over Europe.

He says that they defined new genre called SKWEEAST!

In Scandinavia popular style called SKWEE (lo-fi analogue R&B/dubstep) combined with samples of traditional EAST european folk music – together it makes our new style called SKWEEAST.A combination of scandinavian lo-fi electronics SKWEEE and samples of local EAST european folklore music.


He says producers on the releases come from Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine.


Emah– Fšenku

Karaoke Tundra – Tebe Nema

Miretz – Bačovská

Nisiru – Magyar Skweeast

Future Sound Of Petržalka – Trávnica

Download release

After the previous success of the first ever release in style SKWEEAST “We call it skweeast” is coming straightaway another part of series “We call it skweeast vol.2″. Again, puting together  Scandinavian lo-fi electronics – skweee with elements of folk music from Eastern Europe tracks produced by well known and new faces from the local and Czech scene. If you would like to have the track on “We call it skweeast vol.3″ let us know. All tracks were mastered by Sigurt. We would like to say thank you for your great work.


BurningBoy – vychovaj Ma
DrGy – Million Flutes And One Drunken Shepherd
Foolk – Green Deli
Influenza – 101010W
Michael Kelso – Suffer



  1. hahah nothing, its just that i tried to post that twice without success…

    now i must explain myself:

    WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: where the fuck is the skweee here? its not that i’m a purist (more the opposite), but i find strange that someone invents such a term as Skweeeast when their music hasnt any element of skweee in it…

  2. Dear Skweeast haters! 🙂
    I defined Skweeast, but first how it all began … It is a little “swindle” …. I desided to establish new genre …. by listening some skweee mix tape …. came on my mind word SKWEEAST it sounds to me like beast 🙂 … I make up story about combination of skweee and local music and ask my friends to produce some track according to this story …. and you can listen to result … You know music means to me creativity, place without borders, I do not think about music in way “this techno is not enought techno to be techno” NO! … So we can call things how we call it and we play whatever we want to, it is about freedom! …
    Love&peace to all genre purists! 🙂

    1. @Jaro…:-)..great, you stood up 4 yourself….

      but I’m staying out of this one..I got too many haters as it is..lol..I’m suppose to be building a label following, not an UMB hate club..lol…

      All the best to both of you, as they say, there’s 2 sides to every story…:-)

  3. @Jaro: i insist: i’m not a purist, it’s great to see Skweee expands and mutates and transforms, to hell with purity, life is mixture, history proves that. i really hope the best for you and your crew, you got great potential and i look forward to hear new stuff from you… it’s just that the only thing i hate more than gengres are sub-sub-sub-genres and every time i see this kind of things something itches in my hater soul.

    @UMB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA1DuuJ6ymc

    best wishes

    1. @Funkfow..lol..noice..great 2 c that this has been resolved with some maturity and peace..

      peace & <3 to all…gotta stop smoking them those drugs…:-)

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