I know this is going to find sorta funny, but like wikileaks in 2009, certain things have a lot of visitors, lots of influences, and lots of friends who are in the shadows, doing a great stuff for the whole world.. and still are not known..

REBELSOUNDS.. is perhaps the most influential place for any mestizo artist.. or as we could call it “world music” or “cross music genres”.

Latinos (artists and DJ’s) have been always supporting this website, which runs entirely in spanish ( although google translate can help you out).

Not having Rebelsounds, for many of us (musicians).. would be like not having wikileaks for journalists..
It can be very polemic, i agree, but it is worth to have.

They are dropping their Rebelsound compilation, which is FREE!!!
and you can’t imagine how wicked this is..from super known artists like
Balkan Beat Box, Dub Incorporation, El V and the Gardenhouse, Gogol Bordello, Ojos de Brujo
or semi known like Ska Cubano, Color Humano, Papaya Republik, Pachanguito plus many, many more

They drop this mega compilation with a double pack
DISC 1 and DISC 2
In order to make a summary of 2010, the staff of the Rebel Sounds has been given the task of conducting its third annual compilation, which has met all the requirements and characteristics of this compilation: A fusion-mixture-mestizaje in every sense, languages, countries and sounds that cross musical genres as diverse as reggae, cumbia, hip-hop, polka, ska, rock, Balkan, rumba, salsa, flamenco, merengue, reggae, dub, funk , rai, electronica and folk, that is, blending ourselves with all the world!

Disc 1
Track list
01 Caballo & TMFK – Intro Rebel Sounds (Colombia/Canadá)
02 Polkaholix – Spare Ribs (Berlín, Alemania)
03 Zulú 9.30 (feat Amparo Sanchez) – Tú te Vas (Barcelona, España)
04 Bachaco – Pollution (E.U.A./Colombia/Venezuela/Jamaica)
05 La Troba Kung-Fú – Subway Walk (Barcelona-Catalunya, España)
06 La Mâquina – La Mâquina (Catalunya/Italia)
07 Dub Incorporation – Bang Bang (Saint, Francia)
08 Green Valley – Inmigrantes (Barcelona, España)
09 La Caravane Passe (feat Erika Serre & Marko Markovic) – Bulibasha (Rumania/Polonia/Rusia)
10 Alerta Kamarada – De Donde Viene la Cumbia (Bogotá, Colombia)
11 Drakos – Quemando tus Recuerdos (Santiago de Chile)
12 Banda Achilifunk – Cocos (Barcelona, España)
13 Los de Abajo – Teresa (Distrito Federal, México)
14 Hambre de Rumba – Ole (Valencia, España)
15 Babyhead – The Little One Says (Londres, Inglaterra)
16 La Zurda – Rumbo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
17 La Gossa Sorda – Cassalla Paradise (Valencia, España)
18 Lengualerta (feat. Monk & Boogat & Mafé) – 3 Lil’ Birds (Tijuana, México)
19 Esne Beltza – Sonidero (País Vasco, España)
20 Juana Fé – La Makinita (Santiago de Chile)
21 Mario Díaz – Gloria Bendita (Cordoba, España)
22 El V and the Gardenhouse (feat La Virgin) – La Capitana (Bologna, Italia)

Disc 2
01 Pachanguito & Intiche – Intro Rebel Sounds/La Gente del Sol (Argentina/España)
02 Color Humano – Todos Hijos (Barcelona, España)
03 El Chávez – Monterrey (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
04 Muyayo Rif – Decreixament (Barcelona-Catalunya, España)
05 Gogol Bordello – Trans-Continental Hustle (N.Y. Estados Unidos)
06 Brujo (feat Miryam Mata-Kinky Beat) – Echo Fuego (Barcelona, España)
07 Bareto – No Juegue con el Diablo (Lima, Perú)
08 Ojos de Brujo (feat La Troba Kung-Fú) – Ventilaor R-80 (Barcelona, España)
09 Papaya Republik – Breve la Vuelta (Bogotá, Colombia)
10 Paco Mendoza – Fosforito (Argentina/Alemania)
11 Sherpah (feat Zulú 9.30 & D’Callaos) – Morena (Barcelona-Catalunya, España)
12 Frontline Guerrilla Sonora – No Suena Mal (Distrito Federal, México)
13 Caballo & TMFK – Machete Afilao (Colombia/Canadá)
14 Babyhead – The Little One Says (Bristol, Inglaterra)
15 Ska’N’Ska – FRA (Stockholm, Suecia)
16 Bongo Botrako (feat La Pegatina) – Todos los Días Sale el Sol (Tarragona-Catalunya, España)
17 Delfines de Etiopía – Olvidos y Apariencias (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
18 Banda Conmoción – El Chulla Quiteño (Santiago de Chile)
19 Roy Paci & Aretuska – Fiesta Total (Sicilia, Italia)
20 Russkaja – Ras Dwa Tri (Austria/Rusia/Ucrania/Hungría/Bulgaria)
21 Muchachito Bombo Infierno – Caraguapa (Barcelona, España)
22 Balkan Beat Box – War Again (N.Y. Estados Unidos)


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