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Well I like telling stories. If did not know, check my blog, you’ll see… In fact, there’s a lot of stories about Cumbia. I don’t know if you know this one…

“Once upon the time there was “la Mama de la cumbia” with a nice sweet coffee & milk skin… She was more then 300 years old, and was still a beautiful women like most of the wemen of Colombia. Strangely, her beauty was hardly known outside Tolu, San Basilio, Palenke, Villanueva, San Pelayo and a numerous number of small villages of the north of Colombia and even there, people were not manifesting a suficient interest for its destiny anymore…

One day, “la Mama de la cumbia” got bored about that. She decided to go and travel again, like her parents did before, like her grandparents did before and like every human does in this world, freely or obliged by its own destiny.

“la Mama de la cumbia” bought a bicycle, the only transport mean at that time, dreaming of some trip around south america. She nicknamed the bicycle “Baika” and head north to salvador. Keeping going northly, she got to Mexico with baika where she composed a song for it with “el Hijo de la Diabla”, a local worker, wo felt in love with her (we’ll tell you about this another cumbia story another day…)

1- el Hijo de la Diabla – Baika

Baika – El Hijo De La Diabla (Original) by El Hijo De La Diabla

One day, after cycling in the country of The King “Toy Selectah”, she got kidnapped by some vilains aliens in “Technochicha“. They raped her in some places once on board of the spaceship “Vuelos Aires”. The vilains aliens brought “la Mama de la cumbia” somewhere, a very distant and unknown place. We only knew it was “in the cosmos”, it’s the only information we have with this song they sent us.

2- John Newell – Cumbia for the cosmos & Cumbia Wurk

Cumbia for the Cosmos – John Newell by John Newell

We were told they would come back in 2012 and so time went by…
Close to this remote place of the cosmos, lived the Great Prince Wurk, a young and intrepid explorer, who had no family, no country, no house, no belongings and no boundaries but an inmense heart. The Great Prince Wurk saw her one day and felt in love with her, succeed liberating her, escaped from the cosmos and brougt her back to the Caribbean coast where he stayed some time with “la Mama de la cumbia”.

Du Cumbia Wurk – John Newell by John Newell

“La Mama de la cumbia” y The Great Prince Wurk stayed a long time together in front of the beach watching fishermen, boats and guacharacas, living in peace and harmony. Some people says that they shared some love there, some says: “not even a passionate kiss”.

But Where Will This Take Us? – John Newell by John Newell

But when I was in Colombia, I asked “La Mama de la cumbia” and she told me: “me gustó”…

3- Mexican with guns – Me gusto

Me Gusto by mexicanswithguns



  1. i asked john newell how he got involved with cumbia, he says he used to work in a latino nightclub doing the lights and got hooked .. bwhaha ^_^

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