For me this is a special post, as i am trying to go back to my “roots” when i started here on Genbass.

U probably don’t remember my first posts, but i used to drop very political related posts..

I had the privilege of talking to one of the best creatives and humble producers i know last week for more than 12 hours!!! ( i wont say his/her name tho) – because it is kinda not relevant for the post itself.. i mean..

you may be asking what we talk about?
Music!!…and life
we both agreed in how important is to have a straight/rebel/conscious attitude towards what some artists are becoming and also about what’s happening in the planet, we also agreed that “hype” music can do both..

entertain and have a solid message!!

We also said it’d be cool if a very known producer had a featuring with a talented but unknown MC, and obviously that those well known singers could do an original song with any of those of hundreds unknown producers out there in soundcloud, bandcamp, myspace and so on..

I put myself as an example.. i was totally unknown.. and i still am.. for many people,
although i have had the honor of collab with big names and very under..(or i’d say totally unknown) producers.. what matters to me is the music.

So before beginning this post i want to add that although sometimes i do post hype and we can say.. more danceable stuff..
every time, every day my heart is with the music that stands up for the powerless, the minorities, and also music that can open people’s mind, music that can be unique or can be the seed of a new genre, style of “school”, music made for real people, who suffer, who are not here for fame, add me, follow me, comment, blog me or whatsoever..

This is Music with Attitude!!

Asian dub Foundation’s Deeder Zaman is now in his solo project..
and he drops Brothers & Sisters
Brothers and Sistas (Sun is Shining Riddim) by DeederZaman

Next one is the ONLY confirmed for Latino Resiste Vol 2
Volfoniq : Manifesto (feat. Bankil) by Volfoniq
” My feeling , inspiration and reason is the people of my country, exactly from Chiapas Mexico (EZLN), because they are warriors in a material ,fascist and globalized society, so I am telling in my songs about my experience and what I saw in my life. The music is like a instrument to make a connection with the people in the world, and try to leave a message for the next generations… ”

BANKIL – an MC from Mexico,made this amazing collaboration with France’s master Volfoniq

Grab the whole release HERE

Next one stands for the indigenous people!!
This is the new Latinamerican folklore!!
I dunno if you guys remember ayarachi, and all that path that i have been trying to post..
Tremor started with ZZK, Klauser made it big, and now it has spread all over the place!!
This is Ayahuasca

Next one is a roots dub from FLeCK!!
specially dedicated to the Rebellious one

Next one a rebel cumbia!!
supporting our real gold!! POTABLE WATER!!
Cumbia Rockers Allstars: Dejala correr by Cumbia Rockers Allstars

Finally something that makes me very proud

in 2009, LibreCommeLair (LCL), Biggest FREE online music label, opens a free creative commons sound bank filled by the artists who collaborated or released on the label.

To spread the new, the label decides to organize a remix contest based on the sound bank.
dub, reggae, electroacustic, d’n’b, house, electronica… !

Speaking about it, a jury composed of Netaudio and Creative Commons music actors will make a final selection that will be released as a compilation on LibreCommeLair.
The Jury will be : FreeMusicArchive, Notheen, Subflow, DivergenceFM, INQ, Netwaves, Netaudio Berlin, AQuietBump, iD.EOLOGY and Dogmazic.

LCL ALBUM of 2010

From Canada.. Latin jazz experimental and dopest lyrics.. telmary n contradictionature
El fantasma de la libertad Raphael Sebbag feat. Telmary by contradictionature

This is a good example of helping with attitude..
you Donate $10 to help rebuild Haiti and get THE GLITCH MOB‘s Drink The Sea: The Remixes Vol 1, as well as Vol 2 on February 12th. You will also have access to a growing catalog of music from other artists contributing to for the entire year. Donations benefit Music For Relief which supports nonprofit organizations working on the ground in Haiti.
BUT get FREE subswara’s rmx


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