Here’s a couple of interesting facts.

If you google Chinese Dubstep, the first entry that comes at the top of that search is:


If you do the same with google images, the first pic that pops up is this, of my mixtape:

Third, interesting fact is that, yeah, you know just over 1 year ago I dropped a mix called “China Calling”.

I said it was Chinese Dubstep but you know it really wasn’t REAL Chinese Dubstep.

It was not made in China and none of it was by or involved Chinese artists.

Let me remedy that for you by bringing you some authentic Chinese Dubstep made in China and involving a bona fide Chinese artist.

This is by our boy Mobidextrous who is living and reppin’ Gen Bass in China!

Ok, he is not Chinese but an Englishman but he is working with Chinese artists.

I have previouly blogged about him a few times in the past.

Since then he’s been spreading our good name all over China, not exactly a mean feat given it’s not that big a

Here’s what he says about the video and I’d just like to say -Thank you mate, we appreciate this BIG TIME!:

As a little *thanks* to the honorable and magnificent Generation Bass crew by showing me support for my music when I feel cold, unwashed and lonely out all the way in China ..

Trust me without the support of peeps like you guys, it wouldn’t have got to get a video made for it

Hope you like it – and thanks again for supporting. Will continue to support your blog and evangelize it out here 😉


“Huan” ft. Miss Melody – [Signed to China Mobile] by mobidextrous

And this is what he says about the track:

Sounds a bit like: UK 1990’s Indie if it was sung in Mandarin by a Chinese Julie Cruise and influenced by Dubstep.

The song is about confusion in an excessive urban life-style. People get polluted and lost and changed. Friends or family from the past life can no longer fit into the current pattern . Even we want to go back, the road has been changed.

LYRICS [Chinese, English, Pinyin]

海市蜃楼 潮汐依旧
海 市蜃楼 (Hai Shi Shen Lou)means mirage. 潮is the fall of the tides in the morning, 汐is the rise of the tides in the evening. So the first sentence means:
No matter what mirage you see in your life, the tides are still rising and falling everyday, life is still going on the way it does.

酒绿灯红 杯盏醉
酒绿灯红 (jiu lv deng hong) means excessive lifestyle. Grean Alcohol and red lantern. 杯盏 (Bei Zhan) means the containers for drinking-glasses and cups.
So the second sentence means: Soaked in this shallow and excessive lifestyle, even the container of the drinks get drunk. No one can escape from being polluted.

Then: 旧人回首 (Jiu Ren Hui Shou) people from yesterday wants to come back to my life.
The end: 归途殊(Gui Tu Shu) the road has changed

Vocals: Miss Melody
Written and Arranged by: Mobidextrous & Miss Melody
Production and Mixing: Mobidextrous & Jarome Matthews of ProSoul Studios, Beijing


  1. SICK!! Great post & thanks for sharing. Never knew China would be making anything other than sickly sweet ballads for MTV Asia.

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