Wazzup putos!!! (as you would be called in Texas)!!! Here’s a post about 3ball!!!

3Ball’s perception is very different all over the planet, more clubs and radio stations are getting attention from the tribal huarachero, but there’s a difference from the perception of producers from Monterrey, Mexico DF, Austin, Dallas and some other places in Texas AND European or North American (gringos) tribal huarachero producers.

If you Google Ricardo Reyna, DJ MOUSE, Chelito Mix, DJ T3S, DJ Tetris, ALAN ROSALES, Dj antena you’ll find some examples of the roots of Tribal huarachero, and if you see how their music has evolved from the beginning of Tribal (with flutes, heavy drums, guaracha, maracas, and tons of dance, techno, goa beats) to a more electronic, less pre hispanic sounds!!

So here’s what used to be dropped at first!!

Dj Mouse

And Here’s a late 2010 Ricardo Reyna rmx..

Now.. Like what happened with the earliest stage of reaggetton; Tribal used to have a very repetitive pattern, usually a 4/4 and beats btw 120 and 130 bpm..

til the new kings arrived….Erick, and Javier Estrada worked together in 2006, but then Sheeqo came into the scene obviously having their own background and influences which altered and polarized the tribal scene, not only in MX but also it made it more accessible for global bass ears, although at the same time, it sent a HUGE portion of tribal even more underground.

And these guys who can not make it to the big blogs also had their own influences..and the public they play too..

So I asked Erick Rincon:

How did you guys started in tribal?

Erick Rincon: Before 3ball gurchero, Sheeqo Beat and I produced electro-house and latin-House.

Do you guys think you have a certain “style” different than the other 3ball Dj’s?

Erick: Well. I can not say we have a signature, as we all have very different styles, 3ball MTY is a crew, not just 3 dj’s, and Otto, Sheeqo, and Erick have different styles

Sheeqo loves Latin stuff, specially latin house.

Otto loves Dutch-house and Minimal house.

I am more of an Electro and cumbianchero (cumbia lover).

How did you started doing 3ball?

Erick: Sheeqo and I, were not doing so well with electro-house, besides it was impossible not to dig 3ball..every time we went to some friend’s party 3ball was there!!

So when we arrived home we came with tons of 3ball ideas, we did keep the synth and loops, just that we wanted to have a different base, more cumbiambera, heavier basslines, tropical congas, guarachas and shakers!!!

So here’s an example of their early stuff:

And now here’s an example of Sheeqo’s evolution..this mega banger is my personal favorite 3ball tune, so far.
Ghetto Funk Baby (Sheeqo Beat VS High Rankin Mix) – Rico Tubbs by Sheeqo Beat

So 3ball obviously has a different perception from the public in Europe, North America and Mexico.

GB: What is the Mexican perception about tribal guarachero?

Sheeqo Beat: Tribal guarachero here in my town, is “suited” by certain people, it is for lower class people or kids, although most of the people still find it disgusting!

However, people are different everywhere, last time I went to Mexico Federal District to a place called Rhodesia Social Club in an event called NAAFI, people who were there loved 3BALL ! and they were all adults!!

One of the things I like most is that we have always handled the 3ball for people who are underage, they are between 12 to 16 years old, but this genre is slowly getting more respected from older crowds and that’s what excites me!, I think gradually Guarachero and 3ball will be more enjoyable for people who think that it is a genre that should have never existed.

So to contextualize what kind of public

Here’s a video!!! El que no brinque es puto!!

And to show you how different are the backgrounds of underground 3ball dj’s here’s..
I am going to do a versus…

DJ Manchas ( a more classic approach of 3ball..repetitive..)

Vs 3ball MTY

So finally.. we have a guy who gets in btw these two worlds!!!

He keeps the real tribal pre hispanic roots and pushes to the 3ball mty global bass boundarie!!

Generation Bass new signing, Javier Estrada!!

Doing some of his Prehispanic feat Dj Cobra

Dj Javier Estrada Ft Dj Cobra- Ritmos Prehispanicos (Original) by djjavierestrada

also North American sounds

Dj Javier Estrada – Crazy Indian by djjavierestrada

to moombahcore!!

Demooo Dj Javier Estrada – Fucked Up Cobra (finish )check minute .50 by djjavierestrada

So I finally asked Javier

GB: what is your definition of huarachero?

Javier Estrada:

Huarache is a type of shoe that campesinos used to wear..

Somehow it is also a term to the sound flip flops do when you walk, so this music, huarachero, is the music that makes you “huarachear”.. to jump, to move your feet, to feel part of the roots, but also to be in the present, part of a community.

Puta MAdre..here’s Javier new video


  1. @ophex, yes i’ve never been to a club like that but have seen other vids and it’s pretty common for them to all dance around in a circle, and not just for 3 ball guarachero.

    most of the indigenous people of mexico still sport the huarache and can out run deer in them. they are known to chase after deer untill the deer tires..

    look up tarahumara or raramuri indians of northern mexico.

    some huarache humor one of my workers gave me..
    Huarachu name?
    Huarachu doing?


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