I’ve always loved what Dr.Ruddz’s has done, ever since I broke his blog virginity and blogged him for the first time over 1 1/2 years ago with a crazy Elektro Speed Kuduro number back HERE.

He contacted me and was surprised to have discovered me blogging it and couldn’t understand where I’d found the track or where I’d got it from because no-0ne else had it except him and a few others.  It was all legit and of course he was very pleased with the coverage.

He never disappoints man and this track he’s done is one ofthe best nu cumbia tracks I’ve heard so far this year, a Disco Cumbion cover of Marley’s brilliant “I Shot the Sheriff”!

Check it out and discover why he came to my attention way back…

Sorry no download of this brilliant track but you can download the MADONNA one!

Rddz edits – Maté al sheriff estrictamente por negocio ( Feat. EPMD ) by Dr.Ruddz

Justy Donna – Justify my burnin’ (orgasmik cumbisco edit) by Dr.Ruddz

El dub del Mr.Yuca (Dr’s Sin Pitch edit) by Dr.Ruddz

LV – globetrotting (feat. erol bellot) RUDDZ RWRK by Dr.Ruddz

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