Welcome amigos to another global expedition. This time we are taking the bumpy road of 4X4 Beats to various places around the globe. From Germany to New Zealand, our guides are local producers of bangers ranging from techno house to psychedelic progressive trance. Please tighten your seatbelts and crank the volume as the bassy journey is about to begin…




Long before I first heard the psychedelic sounds of trance, Meller was rocking beach parties in GOA and starting a long international career. For me, Meller is about quality of sound and super-dancefloor orianted music. Absolute jungle on the floor is what I normally experience when dropping a Meller at the right moment. His newest EP, Spanish Fly, is no exception to the rules. Meller creates a lush soundscape that will excit the fans and solitice the visitors. Have a listen and follow the links to buy!~!

Meller – Don Juan by Marco Scherer (Meller)

Meller – Geisterbahn by Marco Scherer (Meller)

Meller – Organic by Marco Scherer (Meller)

Sometimes, seeing is believing, enjoy a nice visual addition to the already visually sounding tune, organic:

New Zealand

Tom Cosm

Introducing to you the master of all sounds and styles, the live p.a champion, Tom COSM. A long time friend of mine, and the inspiration of many around the world, Tom is about sharing his knowledge of music production and absolutely racking dancefloors with his sound. Please visit his successful music community site, http://www.cosm.co.nz, check out his killer Ableton tutorials, say hi to the man, check out his next tour dates, and book him in your town!


What is it that I like about the COSM (Certified Organic Sound Machine) Sound? It got no limits, no borders, no predespositions, stereotyp would call it barefoot, UMB would call it transnational, I just call it COSM :}-~ If you listen carefully, many artists, especially down under, have received their influence and inspirations from him. I am so glad to introduce you to him and hope his style blends with your flavours well. Ladies, bassheads, here it is:

Tom Cosm – Shwak by TomCosm

Tom Cosm – Official Christchurch 2010 Earthquake Tune by TomCosm


Tom Cosm – Feral Frameshift by TomCosm


Grouch – Latex Knuckle Kids (Tom Cosm Remix) by TomCosm

Hooked yet? Tom is all about you listening and enjoying his music, and he kindly offers it all for free.

Tom Cosm’s Tunes by TomCosm




This track has been waiting patiently in my queue to be featured in this post as it screams global techno/house!

Shemian – Derbesoffene Trompeter (JFTH Remix) Cut by JFTH

A fresh new release from JFTH does the swing!

JFTH – Without Words (cut) by JFTH




The Israeli duo strikes again with two massive tunes. Let the percussion carry you away in a minimal techno stylee, a sound that to me screams global dance music!

Lish – Miles Away by Lish

Lish – Funky habit by Lish

Here’s a fun video of LISH on their home turf in the desert of Israel during a magical sun rise morning.

Ok I know you probably wanna stay here but get back in the jeep as we still got a few countries to (dis)cover!


So much this country got to offer to the neo bass music scene



My hommie Dillon Morton is a rarity in the local producer scene of Colorado. How does a local americano ends up making extremly european Thrash Disco is unclear to me, so he is a perfect fit on this global 4×4 edition. Producing as LUST, Dillon recently released his first EP ‘NIGHT: 1’ which is offered for free on his website www.lustdisco.com / http://lustdisco.com/LUST-Night1EP.zip

First lets listen to a most thrashy remix he released on soundcloud:

NEUS – Blast! (LUST Remix) by LUST

Here’s my favorite pick from his EP


100MPH by LUST

Watch out for this kid, he is going to soon be destroying slizzy bars and huge concert halls where the likes of Justice steps. I put my disco ballz on it!

Finish his introduction with a chopped up refix of SebastiAn:

SebastiAn – Ross Ross Ross (LUST Remix) by LUST


DJ EARTHIAN – Exclusives and Freebies for GB

You mix Russian and American and you get DJ Earthian. Back in 03′ when I threw one of my first mixed-genre parties in Denver, we flew Earthian (back then ShayKid) to play a midnight set for us. He is the best goddamn club DJ I know and to say he ripped a hole in the floor is an understatement.

After a long international and domestic dj career including resident spots in his hometown of NYC, Earthian, half of the successful minimal techno act AnimalTek, is creating daring new styles that redefine New York Minimal bringing the street to the studio and the vibes to the floor. I cannot really put a genre or a name to it, and I dare to say that neither can he as the sounds are still evolving.

Consider this early sneak peak wav package as an early 2011 gift from Dj Earthian to the GenerationBass following:


http://www.wizraeli.com/djearthianGB2011.zip (mirror)

Back in October Shay released a multimedia compilation titled JOYBOX Vol 1.



A mixed media compilation produced by DJ Earthian.

Concept, Photos, Video, Music, Cover design by DJ Earthian.

download here (147.2MB) from http://djearthian.wordpress.com/


Wooosh, ahh what? the ipod is out of juice, let’s see what’s on the radio
Watcha Clan “Radio babel” teaser by Watcha Clan


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