This might be a bit longer than usual..but like a good movie,
or a great book once you start reading, you probably want to continue.
and when you reach to the music.. you will want that release..!!

When i started Latino Resiste, saying that it would change Latino Music perception as we know it, i was joking but deep inside i was expecting it in some way.. i called the game changer!

To bring in one free compilation, with unknown artists with good conscious lyrics, great sound, and updated in terms of what is going on in Latin America was basically what happened in : LATINO RESISTE vol 1

Then we dropped Latino Resiste presents TROPICHAOS few months later with some of the dopest Brazilian underground sounds!!

People started paying attention to Latino Resiste!!!
Because we were showing to the outside world stuff that was already there.. but somehow they could not reach mainstream level!!

Then the Bomb was dropped!!

Latino Resiste presents LatinAfrica!! which is a selection of the African roots rhythms we have in the Atlantic side of Latin America!!
The compilation was co selected by LUCAS SILVA!!
who is the responsible for the 3rd best Album of world music in 2010

And it was the window for Champeta.. and African Atlantic Rhythms, and one afro pacific with El Brujo!!
Having such a guest selector.. giving away, part of his label discography, so we could enjoy it for FREE was a honor that made latinAfrica to be mentioned in the guardian, globe, and some other papers and blogs around the planet!!

The result is that the whole LR has been downloaded more than 11000!! si.. eleven thousand DL..
very good for a FREE compilation.

Now, the question was: What should we do in terms of Latin Underground, and who can be on the same level as Lucas?

when you listen words:tango you think…Argentina; when you listen samba… you think Brazil,
but when you listen SALSA you think LATINO.. no matter if it is a latino who plays it or not..
There is nothing more universally selected as caliente than SALSA!!!

And you have no idea how close salsa is to global bass, jazz, ska, hardcore, cumbia, dubstep nowadays in Latin America.

So the answer was: Salsa
and who could be the selector?
Well..a ex Buena Vista Social Club !!!
Pretty much…. Pio Leyva ( a george harrison of Salsa if you want to have a parallel) said about our first selector:
`her playing hits me, it goes straight into my soul`.
So our first selector for the new Latino Resiste is.. the one and only

She is so amazing!! that i could not believe when she started sending us tunes!!
but wait!!

There is a second selector!!
One of the guys who is responsible for the music wikileaks…
I can not say his real name or where he drops music, but in the underground we all know him
so i am going to be very straight forward… this is like having BANKSY or Julien Assange.. a guy who works with some other guys.. spreading music on blogs for free… in the shadows..

Because he knows a lot of the underground and rebel sounds around…

he is the perfect match for Maite Hontele.. like ying yang.. day n night.. we have the ex Buena Vista, and the guy who is on the right spot at the right time sharing great music alongside all the rebel guys!!!

Now u might be asking: what is the next latino resiste?

Something that redefines your perception of LATINO
the sweat of the sugar canes, the blood of Rum, the flavor of dulce de leche:

Latino Resiste presentsAZUCAH SELECTAH! on FEB 11.. for FREE DOWNLOAD

Some of the songs are:
Sonora 8


NY master
Woman Del Callao [Z-Funkster ReGroove] by Z-Funkster

LatinoGerman salsa ensemble DLC sudsound

pic on top by Camilo Monsalve

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