Found this via some Californ-I-A sunshine rays 😉

I’ve really been digging this in a big way all this week as it’s just so full of so many choice cutz and reminds me a lot of some of the sort stuff I use to love and play when I started out as a dj around 5 years ago. It reminds me of the Madlib and Blue Note stuff and so it gives me a nostalgic feeling even though I never actually played any of the tracks on the mix.

It really is full of some incredible tracks and stylistically, yeah he sounds a bit like Madlib but I love it.  I think he has a great ear and an impeccable taste for tunes and the mixing is world class too!

I think this might be a front runner for one of my mixes of 2011, even though it came out over 5 months ago in 2010.


Here’s what’s said about it:

“BALANCED strikes a unique harmony between smooth-soulful
and emotive-experimental! Masterfully layered, and thankfully not too quick mix-schitzo! A calm, refined, inspiring treat! Have to say, I’ve always been a fan of my young Bro, DJ Anthony Valadez.”

Carlos Niño (Build An Ark, Spaceways Radio)

Anthony Valadez Presents Balanced by anthonyvaladez


Blundetto – Voices
Andreya Triana – Draw The Stars
Bilal – Levels
James Blake – I Never Learnt To Share
Hygher Baby – Let U Go (Asaparagus Remix)
Taylor McFerrin – Awake To You
Pacific Heights feat. Mara TK
Maylee Todd – Heartthrob (Circle Remix Remix)
Samon Kawamura – You Are The Only One
Stateless – Falling Into You
Raphael Gualazzi – Reality & Fantasy (GP Remix)
Nufrequency – Fallen Hero (Motorcity Drum Ensemble feat. Ben Onono)
Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Do The Astral Plane (Viola Solo Mix)
Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
DVA – Just Vybe (feat. Fatima)
Ashley Thomas – Somethings Got To Give
Nina Simone – See Line (Recorded Live)
Machine Drum – Mean Mean
SBTRKT & Sampha -Evening Glow
Mount KImbie – Blind Night Errand
Willie Rosario – Calypso Blues

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