Generation Bass’ very own Munchi featuring M.I.A.!!!!!

First up Schlacthofbronx toured with MIA this year and now our very own Lil’ Chief Big Hair hooks up with her too!!! Plus, she also used photographic imagery of my boy Hassan Hajjaj on her most recent vid too!

Man, it’s wonderful to see her embracing all of this.

Here’s a track that Chief Big Hair Mad Dude did with her that T&A are giving away for free.

Watch out for Munchi’s forthcoming H&M official release on Gen Bass Digital!!! You have been warned!

Munchi ft M.I.A. – Murder Sound VIP by T&ARecords

Here’s what T&A say about it all:

To the surprise of the entire music community, the 21 year old wunderkind from Rotterdam, Munchi, came out of nowhere, lacing tracks made in minutes on headphones and almost amateur software (Acid Pro). He has released his first EP on T&A records called, “Murda Sound,” which showcases a versatile spectrum of songs and a striking blend of styles. With sirens, chopped vocals, dubstep bass, and a huge club beat, the “Murda Sound” track, itself, is a Freddy Kruger nightmare chase through West Baltimore. (words by Cary Dickenson)


Ok man, here’s the official story from Munchikins himself:

On the VickyLeek mixtape there are 5 of my tracks 2 tracks are full (other 3 in the backup as transition beats) where u see Munchi those are mine haha. Murdasounds Munchi and Tamil Beat Munchi.


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