Been a long time since we had any ZZK on here, still one of my favourite underground labels in this scene, and this new release looks delicious.

Here’s the PR:

Tremor – Para Armar Remixes (V/A)
Release date: January 25, 2011
ZZK Records, Buenos Aires Argentina

Chacarera, Malambo, Cumbia, Zamba, Copla meets IDM, Dubstep, Dub, Glitch.

AKA South America meets the world.

Leonardo Martinelli experiments with sound on every level.  For 10 years he has composed original work under the Tremor alias.  At the same time he has contributed various remixes, collaborated with reputable peers, and produced mashups and mixtapes.  When Tremor signed to ZZK in 2009, his first project was a lengthy body of work made up entirely of remixes.  Many of them had been tested live on stage in Buenos Aires – they were well-received and ZZK was eager to release them to the world.  His first mixtape for ZZK pried the doors open, showing it wasn’t just Cumbia ZZK was championing, but all South American music.

The remixees on the album range from fellow digital folklore peers such as Nortec Collective and Radiokijada, to a who’s who of the Argentina music scene spanning indy rock, experimental, folklore, pop and electronic.  Label mate El Remolon gets his early digital cumbia track Cumbia Bichera remixed by Tremor.  The album also features an original track combining Folklore and Dubstep.  What the blogs might call Folkstep.

Track list

1) Fussible (Nortec Collective) – The Clap (Tremor Mix)
2) Intima – Fatbot es Lim (Tremor Mix)
3) Radiokijada – Manoteo en Menor (Tremor Mix)
4) Aldo Benitez – Giro de Volante (Tremor Remix)
5) El Remolón – Cumbia Bichera (Tremor Mix)
6) Semilla vs. Elpidio Herrera vs. Tremor – Chacarera del engaño
7) Tremolo Audio – Nylon 2 (Trifásico Mix)
8) Tremor & Coiffeur Fumar
9) Tremor – Espina
10) Latinsizer – Libélula (Tremor Mix)

At ZZK Records we’ve elaborated on the concept “The musical landscape in Argentina is changing, and change is good.”   We’ve also offered some insight track by track.  We encourage you to check the post.  Learn more here.

Fussible (Nortec Collective) – The Clap (Tremor Mix).mp3 by zzkrecords

Grab this free track:

Libelula (Tremor Mix)

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