Another new remix competition run by our good friends over at Akwaaba music, see below.

Here’s a dubstep remix already sent to me by 18 year old Th0r who I’ve blogged in the past, feeling this one Big Time!

Azingele (th0r Ruff Remix) by th0rmusic


More info about the song here:

Azingele Remix Contest by Akwaaba Music

Grab the acapella, do your thing, and send back your work of magic BEFORE FEBRUARY 28. Either use our dropbox or any file sharing service you wish, just make sure you tag your song!! In the past many, many remixes we received got lost in the shuffle due to very poor tagging, so when you send your remix:

– make sure you tag the song well enough: if we can’t see your remixer name anywhere, we’ll never know it’s yours.

– make sure we can DOWNLOAD the song. Seems pretty obvious, but it’s apparently not. We’re always on the move, and most likely will not listen to your remix online. Possibly in a trotro or an airplane. So please make it easy on us and let us download it and take it where we need to.

– please send us a message by email or on Soundcloud with your full contact info and a short bio. That’ll save a lot of time for all of us.

That’s it! Work it!!!


Whilst we’re on all things Akwaaba, let’s add in something else too, which we should have posted some time ago, I’m starting to slack!

You also know I’m a lazy bastard and of all people, Leo ought to know this already, and so here’s what The Fader said:

In the last couple of years Benjamin Lebrave of Akwaaba has been living in Africa meeting musicians and cutting deals to get them some dollars, release their music and make it more accessible internationally; in two years he’s collaborated with artists in 12 countries. You can puff some fuel into this all-sides beneficial arrangement by dropping $10 of your allowance on Akwaaba’s new compilation Chop Our Music. It’s 51 songs deep, just a fat sack of quarters for a couple hours trip of coupé décalé, hiplife, kuduro, and more things we can’t name. If you lost your credit card or dignity in the couch but are still smart enough to want something positive and unstale to listen to while you make spreadsheets, you can download an un-revved, make-under good mix of the tracks laced together by DJ Zhao for no money at all! Favorite journey markers: the shuffle gushy love Serani-type action that goes in at 37:00 and the croak-cranky singsong lament that turns into a bright highlife pump up between 52:00 and 58:00. Grab the mix and stream the whole menu below.

Djzhao – ChopChop Akwaaba Supermix by Akwaaba Music


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