Chipbass 3

I cannot believe how many awesome Chip Bass releases  have come out already in 2011, many of which are from artists already previously featured in these posts, who have actually compiled a bunch of their tracks for proper releases. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has to offer. Artwork this month is from Australian BeauBarker.


So the only artist who has appeared in the first two of these posts makes an amazing return this month with his first official release and on Progressive Chipmusic label Pause no less. French-Canadian artist known as ??? has released the album “Wall You Need is Love” a collection of some of his best bass laden reggae, dub style chip that has such a happy uplifting vibe I can’t help but smile at the bleeping melodies. Listening to all these tracks back to back show not only the breadth of sound and emotion able to be expressed through this limited medium but also how when composed with musicality and talent this music can transcend the mediums boundaries, novelties and gimmicks and just be heard as great music! So all I can say is download this now! First two tracks are off the Album third one is a bonus C64 track he recently uploaded..

Download Machine Gum

Download Why

Download Early Mark Three


Back in my first post I mentioned Kraettz the Austrian gameboy guy who did a bunch of neat chipstep tracks that once compiled made a good EP…. well he has added a couple of tracks to it and done just that releasing on netlabel Vekta Records. It is very atmospheric dark and aggressive chipstep and I can only hope we hear a tonne more like this from Vekta and Kraettz. It is great to see a label like Vekta that is focused on future dubstep and garage sounds to embrace and promote chipmusic outside of the chip community! Big Ups Flopps! Download Galaxy Whore Recovery Center here.

Download Malfunction


As mentioned last month Chipmusic super label Bleepstreet (who have been using the term Chip Bass a lot recently) have now released 486’s EP 4bit 4reedom. It contains a bunch of tracks reworked and heard in various forms on earlier 486 releases but that is not to say this isn’t a beast of a release. A lot more “produced” than a lot of chipstep it still maintains an authentic edge to its sound… it is very satisfying to hear large wobbles juxtaposed with bleepy arps. You can buy this release on iTunes now and have a preview listen below. There is also a new free dub track for all those cheapskates 😛

4bit 4reedom Preview by the 486 kid™

4bit E-Z-Dub by the 486 kid™

Sounds Legit

OK so you don’t get bored of me posting the same old slow tempo ChipBass a new short run vinyl chipmusic label has just launched in Australia and their first release is a Drum’n’Bass style 7″ split between the two Texan chipmusic legends Sievert and IAYD. There is only 150 of these and they are all individually numbered and you won’t be getting the tracks anywhere else for a while (there are some short previews below). The tracks are hard fast and sound like some kind of epic sci-fi space battle, Sievert recently toured Australia and his track off this release was killer live.. So definitely keep an eye on this label and if you like the sound of the tracks pick up the EP from the Sounds Legit Website.

Prototronic Accelerator – Sievert

Atomic Hypercharger – IAYD

Malobit Podcasts

It seems Russia has quite an interesting Chip scene and so I will leave you this month with a couple of mixes that are part of the Russian Malobit Podcasts… I can’t understand anything on the pages but they cover a wide range of chipmusic and have quite a few Chipstep themed ones that cover a lot of the artists I have been featuring here. Other than the two soundcloud streams below there is Ninjastep and Skwach.

Step for chipstep vol 2 by 7desyatidyuymovik Green
Step for Chipstep (malo bit sound season 2 part 8 ) by 7desyatidyuymovik Green

see you next month!!!


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