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Sometimes you wish people would let a bit more info about themselves and their songs: how they were produced it, precise credits if there is obvious samples, if they are musicians on top of being producers and what part did they play, and what was the idea feeling of the song. Well at least, when you listen to cumbias like this “Cumbia Oriental” from Frank is not right, you want to know… Well we know he is from Winnipeg Canada…

Cumbia oriental by FrankisnotRight

We stay East, Mediterranean, Balkan, how you like to name it, but there is surely bridges between spaces and cultures and the Mediterranean axis is strong with Watcha Clan. The band is a well known worlbeat band, one of the best, and their LP “Diaspora remixed” is a must have (I take it to nearly every gig of mine). They are preparing a new album “Radio Babel” and a Tour in France. “Tangos del Cachito” a sephardic song reworked in an electro/balkan/cumbia style, is an avant premiere of the album.

Tangos Del Cachito by Watcha Clan

La Cherga is another band to watch carefully. Check their first release Fake no more remix on Bandcamp (and the absolute marvellous Peter Pozorek FREE remix). While you download it against a simple email, listen to this:

La Cherga Ciganka Kosta Kostov Rmx feat. MC Killo Killo by la cherga

Ok, we want to speed up the pace a bit to attack our saturday night; nothing better than this jungle/cumbia beat track mashed with fanfare ? Add on de bass from San Luis Potosi Mexico with la Tirana caravana !

La Tirana Caravana – Fanfarri Cumbia (D&B Remix By Add On de Bass) by Add On de Bass

Well we will end our trip East in Berlin, one of the most dynamic cities, if not the most dynimic city in Europe with Koro Funk and a cumbia step with an oriental sample. FREE DOWNLOAD !

Cumbia Berlinese by koro funk

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