A whole zip with more than 100 Cumbia loops Free!!

Basically it is the work of some of the coolest and most creative neo cumbia producers around.

The idea came from Joelito (emayo Cutz), Guarana Bass, and Caballo , who worked together finding producers who wanted to donate their loops for FREE.

The result is a dope Library called CUMBIA BASS BEATS with famous signatures of well known masters like Pernett, Joelito or Che sudaka, or the roots-avant guarde styles of Gux swadharma, los Reyes de la milanga, The Binary cumbia Orchestra, Bleepolar or daniel Klauser, to more bass oriented loops from Caballo, Dj rustico & The probretons, Andresground, Dj discreto diaz, Dj subversivo and more producers who dropped a whole pack or at least one loop !!!

It is more than just a simple cumbia library and can be used in almost any modern music genre, remix or new production. Almost every possible mood is presented to the “user” in this library ranging from fast paced hard hitting cumbia dembow dubstep through to real roots of cumbia like tambora, chalupa, chande, or son de negro..

For example

Base dembow Cumbiastep


cumb Loop


CUMBIA BASS BEATS ( cumbia base beats)


or copy paste


All Cumbia Bass beats tracks have been carefully crafted and wherever possible, the samples have been tested in Ableton, Logic Pro, Acid Pro, FL studio and most of them were well mastered allowing us producers to maximize the sonic cumbia palette available.

Most of the loops are sample-accurate which allows total flexibility to mix & layer together any combination of sounds which helps facilitate endless sonic fusions.

In Fact the result is so awesome that we decided to do a showcase with just a very small portion of the samples (only 7!) and adding our own styles..

and it grew to a Huge real PROJECT called SANCOCHO E’ TIGRES!!

with loops taken from Pernett, Bleepolar, Caballo, Gux Swadharma, Don Conejo, The cumbia binary orchestra, dj discreto diaz.. and later made a tune called LUJO DE POBRE!!

Sancocho e’ tigres will release their first album via the rebel records for FREE

LUJO DE POBRE -Cumbia Version (instrumental)

Sancocho e’ Tigres- Lujo de pobre (instrumental) by therebelrecords

Here’s Don Conejo (Daniel Klauser) version.. a dope house cumbia

Sancocho e’ Tigres – Lujo de pobre (Klauser edit) by klwzer

And with a different approach from the same beats you can have a more cumbiabass edit ..

This one is Bleepolar’s

Sancocho e’ Tigre (Bleepolar edit) by Bleepolar

This is just a showcase of the library and it goes so much further than mere genre.

Cumbia bass beats is about excitement, about passion and about a creative force that can help to produce some of the best sounds to hit the street in a long time.

With all our love, from the guys who helped doing the library, including the stunning art from brazilian master Sassa

We really hope it will give you with the edge required to help provide the statement and impact needed in a saturated market of over heard cumbia sounds!


Big thanks to Joelito and El hijo de la cumbia @ Emayo cutz!! Pernett, Gux, and Bleepolar, All the guys in Chile, Guarana bass andres, discreto, daniel, all the guys in Argentina, Colombia, and all over the world to help us to spread cumbia to the next level!!

If you want to know how come we can “say” we do know about roots, and how parts of these loops were created

Here’s pernett with percussion master Alex Castellanos.. with an instructional video or “percussion clinic”

these are the 9 rhythms of (son del negro) or Black son..

The roots of cumbia, champeta and son palenquero


  1. lol..i asked many…too many people…but i know there are some very Busy people..who never replied to the emails i sent.. i obviously thought about him..and emiliano who did actually replied..and also many others who said they’d send and never did.. anyway this is the final result.
    hope people like.

  2. Ahhh.. I’ve been searching for this one, had it once but lost it. Link is too old now, any chance for a new upload? 🙂

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