Let’s start Dubstep Monday early!

This will not be to everybody’s tastes and the purists on both sides, Dubstep & Classical music, are likely to hate it but I like to chronicle stuff like this.

It’s not always great, like the Britney track, but it’s great to see how far Dubstep is being stretched and how almost, universally, it can be applied.

I think some of this stuff below is pretty good, particulary the first & third tracks but I wouldn’t suggest a wholesale re-working of classical music in this way.

Anyway check it out and either <3 it or HATE it!

Gustav Holst – Mars, The Bringer of War (Koyunbaba Remix) 320! by Koyunbaba


Koyunbaba – Zarathustra – Free 320 by Koyunbaba


Koyunbaba – Dub to the (B)East by Koyunbaba

Some info about the artist KOYUNBABA:


I grew up listening to classical music. When I was in 7th grade, I fell in love with and began playing classical guitar.

As I got older, though, I needed a LOT more bass in my life, so I started listening to, downloading, then producing dubstep.

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