Sabbo - Freaktion

[ARTWORK – Aurora Crowley]

This brilliant EP is out now and here’s a free Sabbo remix for you to listen to whilst you put your pennies together to go and buy the EP [see links below for download stores worldwide]:-)

Middle Eastern born, producer of many trades – SABBO – is responsible for the next release from the award winning Generation Bass camp. He has worked with Mad Decent, Soulico, dancehall stars like Turbulence and Lisa Dainjah and has also been producing many charted productions in various genres in his own country.


This EP draws heavily on the Chicago Foot Work sound, giving it an extra boost in top notch production and bass but also sees Sabbo leaning more towards a UK angle in the Juke/FootWork history. He blends the genre into a mix of hyperactive dancefloor filler and bass heavy globalism. From Chi town via the unlikely detour of Tel Aviv, Israel and relying on classic sampling techniques and the trusted 808 boom, this EP is a Foot Work classic in the making.

Once again Generation Bass holds true to its slogan, “cool music from wherever”…

Cooool Vid – Thanks to Videomit!

Stream the mini-mix:

Freaktion EP(minimix)-soon on Generation Bass by Sabbo


DJ Rashad (One of the original Footwork/Juke creators) – This man does footwork better than most producers in Chicago!

Diplo (Major Lazer/Mad Decent) – its crazy)

Sinden – Love the sabbo, just pop it is my pick!

Maga Bo (Transnational Bass Wanderluster/Legend)- If mc escher made beats, it might have sounded something like this…..

Schlachthofbronx (Best Dance Act in the World/Mad Decent/Man Recordings)- Sounds like fun, support! Sabbo really has many different styles he’s delivering. We def need more footwork in this world!

Stereotyp/Ku Bo (Man Recordings/Crunchtime-Barefoor creator)- Footwork EP takes the game up another notch finally quality footwork/juke Hope there is more to come ! really diggin it !

Munchi (Genius Wonderkid) – AAAAAA MADNESSSSS!!!!!….Thats exactly what it is. Fuckin’ huge

DJ Motorpitch (Man Recordings / Radio FM4) – High As The Sky” is the perfect tune to crank it up in the car and let the whole block around you enjoy the bass. Top notch production quality! Ultra hot EP, Mr. Sabbo! –

DJ Beware (Man Recordings) -I think its wicked! My fave track is the I am Crazy

Theo DeVille (Head of Senseless Records) – Seriously weighty production and expert flipping of some unexpected samples. This could be from Chicago, highly recommended

Thmole – (Daly City Records)- Excellent, expertly crafted, exciting music.  Beautiful compositions
and top-notch sound quality.

Big Dope P – (Moveltraxx) Will play high as the sky for sure ! full support

Marcus Noblett (Little Big Org/Footwork Booking Agent)  ‘Just Pop It’ is a cool track



*reminds me of chicago booty house! love it!
*LA fux with juke and footwork. great mix. chi stand up.
*We grew up on that song… Dope Shit.
*big up sabbo wikked!!!
*I love this break! This is something new to me anyway. Good stuff. Hit me up when the release hits if you don’t mind sir. Peace to Generation Bass
*yeah fucking crazy dude!
*UPSIDE DOWN BOY YOU TURN ME… great stuff!!!
*Big party vibe’s on these tunes!
*mental magic !
*Now that’s my kind of car music! Hold on tight, VW factory speakers!
*Ok not even 30 seconds into yet and ya grabbed me by the boo boo!! DOPE!!! full digging it (is that fucking Diana Ross?) Slalmmin’
*nice EP! looking forward to it man, big up!
*wow nice 808s
*wow…. on point
*This is shredding my brain!
*This is shredding my brain!
*haha crazy!
nice footwurk sir Sabbo
*i want this ep , where can get this?
*was having that 2:30 feeling until I heard this… nice job


Release Date31 Jan 2011
DescriptionDigital Release only.
Tracklist1.Upside Down
2. Just Pop it
3. I Am Crazy
4. High as the Sky
Download storesJunoBeatport








Streaming servicesSpotify


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