Another awesome & innovative work by our matey, Orion, consisting of 3ball, dubstep & tribal guarachero.  What else could you possibly ask for!!!

Here’s what he says:

Animus is finally ready for your ears! Here’s my latest 5 track EP which bears the name Animus. Animus has multiple meanings all which if you care to read more you can here?

1. El Gordo Shaolin (Orion Guarachero Edit) – Bar 9 vs. Jorge Veliz
2. Get Back (Orion Guarachero Edit) – Dj Orion feat. Big Freedia
3. Jump Guarachero (Orion Guarachero Edit) – 16 Bit vs. Dj Leo
4. Mad (Orion Guarachero Edit) – Magnetic Man
5. Woo Boost (Orion Guarachero Edit) – Borgore / Toadally Crossed Out / Rusko

Download HERE


  1. anything from dj orion is very welcome in my collection, i am a big fun and for me this is some top notch 3ball action right here, as for his tradition, it is free and 4share. Man I gotta check out some parties down in Texas where you rack the floor with this!!

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