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This compilation is out now in the USA!!!

Here’s some of the things being said about it in the USA:


“….the nastiness previewed in the minimix plays out to one of the dopest dubstep mixes we’ve ever heard. That’s not hyperbole, that’s the power of transnational musical styles brought together over the one rhythmic style that can hold them all on the same canvas.”


I couldn’t be more stoked about this latest mix. This release is poised to become one of my top releases of 2011 based on how good the teaser for it is. Transnational Dubstep is the first compilation album by DJ Umb and posted up by the online blog Generation Bass. So far, it’s unlike most of the releases I’ve hear this winter mainly due to it’s distinct worldly sounds. Much of it reminds me of the sounds that I often hear in the yoga studio, Indian and Chinese instruments, but here it’s combined with a heavy sub bass and wobble as well as the occasional hip hop drops. Very unique and eclectic for sure.


In the Top 60 Dance/Electronic Releases To Look For In 2011


I set the bar pretty high when it comes to my appreciation of electronic music and am always embarrassingly titillated when I stumble upon something of the caliber which satisfies my demands. Whether it is music or any other form of art, it is the artist’s knowledge of and ability to manipulate their medium that makes for truly cutting edge work.

I’m a big fan of cultural hybridization and this compilation has to be the cutest little mixed-race baby of the underground electronic dance scene.

Even though it’s kind of amazing what people are doing in this scene, I wouldn’t just throw the album for a listen or a car ride. I would, however, go as far as to burn it for a few friends who are hard core dubstep addicts and aficionados.


Transnational Dubstep is manicured to be diverse. Also, it will likely tear through your subwoofer like it’s made of jello. Over top the ultra-low frequency bass lines, different instruments from all areas of the world take turns proving that they fit right in with synth madness. Just identifying all the sounds and styles that come through could fill a book.


Generation Bass is putting out their first compilation consisting of dubstep selections from all around the world. The 15 track hand picked compilation features established producers like the Midival Punditz and the Bandish Project while introducing breaking talent from around the bass music community including Engine Earz, Alexis K, Jajouka Soundsystem, Knowa Knowone, Shem and many more.. Look out for it 2/1/2011.


Its a rare chance to see a clash of two cultures that ends peacefully, if not beautifully.


Transnational Dubstep is definitely for fans of electronic, dubstep, dance, and club music.


From what we’ve already heard of it, it’s gonna be killer!


Instead of collecting some more hard, obvious tracks, they impressively attacked the morass of Internet tracks to come up with a final selection of 15 creations from both established producers and the relatively unknown. Even the more established names here are firmly still underground; only the most dedicated downloaders will likely recognize Midival Pundits and the Bandish Project.

Still, what the comp lacks in marquee names it makes up for in creativity. Here, dubstep meets almost every possible major world beat. That ranges from electronic-friendly sounds like South American cumbia and Indian sitar, to more unexpected traces of Balkan and even Chinese music.

ALARM Press:World In Stereo

It’s difficult to give Transnational Dubstep justice on paper; each track is rich in its own inventive offering.  The compilation is remarkable in its many instances of non-exclusivity between the artists and the cultural influences they use: a Russian producer using Indian traditions or an Australian DJ delving into Asian-influenced sounds.

Not only does this reflect the doors that dubstep has opened as a global sound, but Transnational Dubstep reveals a slew of creative DJs and producers who are rethinking the way “world” music is perceived — all in the name of bass.

You can STILL download a beautiful & exclusive Pan Agnostix Flamenco remix of the excellent Fleck & Fish Finger track, the original version of which appears on the compilation:

“Rude Profile” – Fleck & Fish Finger (Pan Agnostix Flamenco-Step remix) by SixDegreesRecords

You can hear the mini-mix…ahhhhh…. again!

Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep Compilation Promo (Excerpt/Taster Mix) – 1 FEB 2011 by djumb

Or you can watch some cool TV, “Inception Skull!

GenreTransnational Dubstep
Release Date02 Feb 2011 USA
DescriptionCD & DIGITAL
Tracklist1.India Sleeping – Mars2.Kaliyuga – Engine Earz

3.Undertow in G# – Alexis K

4. Rude Profile – Fleck & Fish Finger

5.Cumbia Dub – Knowa Knowone

6.Clownie – Innamorati

7. Valium Gitan – Sa Bat ‘Machines

8.Only Human – Shem

9.Kamikaze – Dysphemic

10.Shiva Step – Barbarix

11.Bukkake – Syndeasia

12.Bhangra Fever – Midival Punditz

13. Brown Skin Beauty – (liquid Stranger Remix) Bandish Projekt

14. Dub Reflex – Celt Islam

15. Salahadeen – Jajouka Soundsyetm

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