Mixtape time my friends! This week opens with a mix from none other than yours truly… I’ve been passing judgement on your mixes, now it’s your chance to do the same to mine… Then we have some afro/funky from Bizt and some sublime soundscapes from Demdike Stare.


Untimely Sound

Yeah that’s right I’m giving myself top billin… perk of the job y’know.
This was recorded on Saturday night at Skank n Stomp down in Falmouth… globalhaus, soca, dubstep, d&b, dancehall, etc. Contains a few GB favourites, including Shem’s ‘Only Human’ which is on the Transnational Dubstep compilation and totally destroyed the dancefloor…

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Download: andykisaragi live at Skank n Stomp

Toddla T – Sound Tape Killin (featuring Serocee)
Ziggy Ranking – Ball Fi More
Doop – My Chihuahua (Doggybag Dub)
Loopus Amadeus – Carlito
Manare – Speakeasy (original mix)
DJ Mujava – Mugwanti (Shooting Horses Remix)
Joelito – Cry Wolf
Diaspora – Running for Cover (andykisaragi remix)
Village Kollektiv – Nazad (Shazalakazoo_remix)
Tobias von Hofsten – I Love My 808
Karaoke Tundra – Tebenema
Schlachthofbronx – Chupchik (Featuring Kein Vorspiel)
Benga – Little Bits
Shem – Only Human
Crookers – Arena Ft. Poirier And Face-T
Terry T – 3 Types Of Bass
Wondawulf – Too Hot For Drumstep
Son of Kick – Guacha Ft: Natalia Clavier (Broad Rush Rmx)
Kubyashi – Hunny Bunny Riddim


A pert little afro-house / uk funky mix, quite hard edged & dark, verging on Dutch in parts, check it:


1 – the Count & Sinden – After Dark ( Buraka Som Sistema rmx )
2 – Dakunt – ta Surdou
3 – Egyptrixx – Phones
4 – Klipar – Empire
5 – D-51 – Od
6 – Crystal Fighters – In the Summer ( French Fries rmx )
7 – Venom & Damage – Deeper ( Doc Daneeka rmx )
8 – Gangsteppaz – Lets Go
9 – Greenmoney – Who´s Greenmoney ( DUB )
10 – Dakunt – K-Dança
11 – Egyptrixx – Ceramic
12 – L-vis 1990 – Hide

Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare

This is a pretty unusual one for Generation Bass… But I’ve got a degree in weird noises, so I feel I ought to be bringing something a little strange to the table now and then. Part sonic collage, part mixtape – definitely not one for the club, unless the club in question has a dedicated k-hole room. Amazing listening none the less, overall quite reminiscent of Future Sound of London & other 90s ambient types in terms of the mood generated over the course of the mix. Drone, ambient, musique concrete, jazz & minimal techno come together to form a soundscape which is an intense audio experience (but also excellent to work to I’m finding today).

No tracklist as such for this one – instead they’ve written a sort of guided tour of the mix, which is a bit long to reproduce here but you can find it at Self Titled.


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