A great new release by Denmark’s fabulous Analogik who I’ve been into for a number of years now.

Check out the release here:

Analogik – A great mix by Jenkamusic

As an exclusive we have, my pick of the bunch, the dEbruit remix to give away, limited to 100 downloads!

Saltefanden(dEbruit Remix)

Also you can grab this extra freebie, which is one that we did as the JukE BoyZ that didn’t make the final cut :-0 oh well, win some, lose some!

AnalogiK- Cowboy Song {Juke Boyz Remix}- FREE DOWNLOAD by djumb

Now read the Press release:

Analogik is one of the new and very unique bands coming from the vivid danish independent music scene. The band is mostly known for the playful and festive bending of hiphop, electronic music, world music and many other genres. In the same way as the band is mixing up genres they have also been working in many different projects.

In Denmark they are among other things known for their jingles to one of the most popular danish children programs. They have created the sound design and sound track for the Nintendo Wii game called Max & the magic marker. Analogik was one of the first bands in Denmark to introduce the balkan-gypsi music into the electronic music scene.

The music is somehow evocative, filmic and full of humor. When the band is performing, it is with a relaxed attitude on instruments such as accordion, bass, saxophone, violin, guitar, turntables, analogue synthesizers, percussion and a lot of weird electronic devices – and always in front of a large happy dancing crowd.

As the title indicates this EP is also dedicated to a bunch of refixes of the new tracks. Among the refixers are the french cut-up hiphop producer déBruit (civil music), the cumbia master El Remolon from the argentine label zzk records, swinging punk-ska from the Berlin based group Budzillus, lazy electronic dub from the danish Bo Marley (released on the German Jahtari label) and finally the danish dubstep-hiphop duo Dokkedal/Dixen.

The album is released on the 21st of February as download, but it can also be found in the well assorted vinyl record shops.

Please contact us if you wish to review the new album for your blog, magazine, radio or interplanetary communication. And if you are new to this band, please also check their two first albums.

Feb 4th, Halle, Germany
Feb 5th, Berlin, Germany
March 18th, Paris, France
March 19th, London, UK
March 22nd, Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 23rd Rostock, Germany
March 24th, Jena, Germany
March 25th, Mülheim, Germany
March 26th, Hamburg, Germany
March 30th, Bremen, Germany
March 31st, Berlin, Germany
April 1st, Chemnitz , Germany
April 2nd, Leipzig, Germany
June 25th, Ghent, Belgium

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