Are you producing dubstep? Do you like punchy drums and hyper distorted synths? OK. Do you also not take yourself too seriously and have a good sense of humor? Maybe you can win this Loopmasters sample pack from High Rankin ‘Dubstep Tearout’.

I’ve been messing about with the sounds and have found the one shot kicks, snares and hats to be quite useful. The synths are pretty grimey and playable too. Then there are the loops… I’m not a big user of loops but some of them are pretty good and I’d be remiss not to add that a few of them were not so inspiring.

Comment on this post and tell us in your most sarcastic and facetious way how Dubstep Tearout will elevate your productions to the next level and guide you to the New Sound!! The comment that cracks us up the most will get the sample pack. If nothing is very good then we’ll put names in hat and draw a winner the old fashioned way.

Maybe The Mighty Boosh illustrates best here! I’d love to hear someone sample this!!!

We’ll announce the winner in comment one week from the date of this post. And make sure to use your email in the comment so I can notify the winner.

Cheers ~ Process Rebel


  1. I’m gonna use these samples to make a grip of beatport #1’s, then use the money to buy a time machine, travel back 5 years and invent brostep. I will then be named King of North America. Jah willing.

  2. All my life I have been in pursuit of the legendary “brown note”. I believe this sample pack holds the key to its creation!

  3. I’m gonna write such a cheesy face melter with these samples, that all you’ll be smelling in the club is human nachos. Or if that’s not enough, i’ll finish the track with nice bass drop @ 33hz, so all the honeys in the club will be pleasantly pleased too =)

  4. Honestly, I always use sample packs, so I really need this one because i cant have enough creativity to build up even a single track using just my own ideas. 🙁

  5. Dubstep tear out by High Rankin’ is nothing but a gateway drug for me to grow a white man afro and might produce the testosterone in the studio allowing growth of facial hair…god willing.

  6. was gonna use the “brown note” gag, but saw it was already used. so I’m gonna sample that. gonna find the brown note 🙂

  7. Ok guys… I really wanna give away this sample pack! The comment that really cracked me up is from Nut Puncher. But who is Nut Puncher? Of 10 comments only one person provided a link. This only adds to my suspicions that you are all very, very stoned.

    So Nut Puncher?!! You there?

    1. HA! ok… the truth is out! I’m the one who is very stoned! LOL . Nutpuncher – I have your email address. I’ll send you the info for getting the sample pack tomorrow before I get stoned again.

  8. I do believe thy idle young folk that this smooth piece of dubstuff finary would look exceptional propped up beside Gordon the goat we hired to teach the ill mannerd unicycle we harboured besides my wincklesicklers on the dandy stove.Indeed…agreed…yes

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