Another LazeR BaSS sesh…..

LazeR BassERs R:

1. Sugarpill

2. SoCinematic

3. HourGlass Sea

4. Coco Bryce

5. +Verb

6. Richard Sweat

7. Chase Manhattan

8.  Automation Records

9. Glitch Mob

10. FukDub

11. Elfkowitz

12. Sweet Team

13. Ben Samples

14. Dysphemic


A new one from SIMPLIFY, which you can check out via the promo mix below and here’s what they say about it:

L.A. based musician Sugarpill is pushing what it means to be called
“bass music” in new and refreshing directions with his debut EP for
Simplify. Along with label-mates Freddy Todd, Love & Light, Knight
Riderz, Stephan Jacobs, and Samples, among others, Sugarpill is part
of a 2nd generation of glitch-music warriors forging a new path on the
musical horizon. Sugarpill and his peers incorporate multiple tempos,
space-age production techniques, and a new appreciation for equal
parts soaring melody and heavy bass to create what might be called
Glitch 2.0.

On the Mind Machine EP Sugarpill stays true to his West Coast
lazer-bass roots while delving deeper into the purple sound; Melodic
and deep with just enough low-end kick, this collection of tunes will
work both in the bass bin and in your headphones, while aspiring to
new levels of musicality rarely seen in the current bass music

Lead single Peeing On The Seat opens at a slow burn, combining 808
snare rolls, a glitched out Hammond, and a deep bass line before the
drop where party moves into full throttle with heavy lazer bass,
soaring synths, and one of the more colorful hiphop vocal samples used
in recent memory. B.K. is decidedly deeper with warm yet heavy bass,
handclaps, and an Eastern-influenced harp providing an interwoven
melody. Back at the party, D.O.E.B.D. builds from 8-bit ambience to a
heavy skwee workout with a somber piano providing a touch of sadness
to this bit-crunching bass jam. Deep and plodding, Supperclub stands
out from the rest with a heavy, chopped-up bassline and Eastern string
work to create the most ‘dubstep’ tune of the bunch.

Sugarpill – MindMachine Mixtape – EP Available Feb 4 2011 by sugarpill



This guy lives up to his name!

I love Radiohead and this remix is very Cinematic and delicious, just my cuppa!
Radiohead ReReckon (soCinematic Remix)(free download) by soCinematic

HourGlass Sea


Just upon hearing this dude’s amazing sounds, you’d think he was from the West Coast in the States but no, he’s from sunny Bradford lol, here in the UK!

Lovin’ what he is doing!

Teenager by Hourglass Sea

Grab it HERE

Time Killer by Hourglass Sea

Coco Bryce


2 absolute sublime tunes here by Monsieur Coco!

The second one below is <3…gorgeous work Coco 😉

Small Radio – Leaf Shaped Feelings – Coco Bryce Autumn Leaves Remix (Free Download) by cocobrycebeats

Pogflipper – Anthology – Coco Bryce Remix by cocobrycebeats



One of my favourite LazeR BaSS producers.

2 xcellent LOVESTEP tracks below to break your <3, will appear on my next mixxtape soon.

I just passed his new EP to our Wizraeli who’ll hopefully do a fine review of it!

Life Is Not What U Make It (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

Luv U (Extended Heart Mix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

Richard Sweat


Damn fine name for this damn fine mix, will get you into a damn fine SWEAT!

Richard Sweat – What’s up wid it 2011??!!!!??!?! by Richard Sweat

Swede:art – Linguistics (B. Bravo rmx) [Tokyo Dawn Records]
Knight Riderz – More Fire [Muti Music]
Tron – Purple Legacy (ill-esha) [internet release]
Richard Sweat – Spitfire (Stephan Jacobs (rmx) [Soundcloud – blog release]
Richard Sweat – needs a sexy name. [unreleased]
Richard Sweat – needs a sexy name. (+verb lotion rmx) [unreleased]
Girl Unit – Showstoppa [Night Slugs]
MartyParty – Skukuza [The Confluence]
NastyNasty – No Names VIP [holiday gift]
Lunice – Fancy Footwork (Rustie rmx) [LuckyMe]
Salva – Blue [Friends of Friends]
+verb & RS – Next to the Subwoofers [forthcoming on Simplify Recordings]
Starkey – Robot Hands (NastyNasty rmx) [FACT Mag]
Samples – drop bombs (Psymbionic rmx) [Daly City Records]
Maps (Sugarpills’ Tehslidebass rmx) [Soundcloud self-release]
Unknown Shapes – IGP Riddim [Blue Daisy – free online EP]
+verb – Wuwlutwut [forthcoming on Simplify Recordings]
Samples – Six Speed [forthcoming on Simplify Recordings]
Sugarpill – Pee’n on the Seat [forthcoming on Simplify Recordings]
Starkey – Holodeck [Civil Music]
Stephan Jacobs and Richard Sweat – Flippin Birdz [unreleased]
Starkey – Paradise (+verb remix) [Civil Music]

Chase Manhattan


I don’t eat Ham but that didn’t stop me from listening to this great track, they should sell it or at least have it on at every Subway in town!

Ham Sandwich by Chase Manhattan

Automation Records


A new one from this cool label!

Glitch Mob


Starve The Ego, Feed the Soul (Sub Swara Remix) – Free DL by The Glitch Mob

Drink The Sea: The Remixes Vol 1 is OUT NOW, including 12 remixes from some of the best producers.

Grab the free download of Sub Swara’s remix of Starve The Ego, Feed the Soul and favorite, share, and repost far and wide. Lets get some relief to Haiti!
Grab the Free DL, as well as the 12-track remix collection from:



F**kin’ great name for a F**kin’ great Dub!

ダイキライ – Dissection (Fukdub remix) by Fukdub



Stunning emotional tunage here to make your <3 melt, beautiful!

Robot Love by Elfkowitz

Salt Shaker – Elfkowitz Remix by Elfkowitz

Sweet Team


I’m surprised this isn’t gettin’ more love, I’m really feelin’ it and love the autovox tune-ess of it all!

Ruined Castle by Sweet Team

Ben Samples


Since the release of Ben Sample’s chart toping “Snowstorm” album last year, on Daly City Records, it is obvious that the bass grinding track “Drop Bombs” has been a staple in the glitch-hop and heavy bass communities. It is only fair that a remix album followed. With remixes by Mochipet, Freddy Todd, Sovereign Sect, Stephan Jacobs, Psymbionic, Chris B, Sugarpill, Dan K, and Samples himself there is more then enough for everyone! These remixes range between the 80-140bpm range; but all of them contain very heavy bass lines and jaw dropping builds. Ready to detonate any sub-woofers in its path, the Drop Bombs Remixes should NOT be played in the Chill Room!

Drop Bombs (Mochipet Remix)
Drop Bombs (Samples VIP Remix)
Drop Bombs (Freddy Todd Remix)
Drop Bombs (Sovereign Sect Remix)
Drop Bombs (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
Drop Bombs (Psymbionic Remix)
Drop Bombs (Chris B Remix)
Drop Bombs (Sugarpill Remix)
Drop Bombs (Dan K Remix)
Free Bonus Download Remix from Konekta > Samples – Drop Bombs (Konekta Remix).mp3

Mochipet Drop Bombs Promo Mix

Drop Bombs Promo Mix (Pre-Release on Jan 18th) by Mochipet

Mochipet’s special mash-up  “Drop Bombs Vs Stand Up”



Last but not least is an artist from Down Under who features on our compilation Transnational Dubstep with a Kung Fu Step numba.

Here he is now releasing a FREE EP taking in Glitch Hop & DnB!

Great stuff, check it out!


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