I’m partial to a bit of Electro-Tango as I use to be a huge Tango Head!

I did several commercial compilations on the genre still available worldwide:

BGT Tango

BGT Tango Lounge

Bar Tango

I also dropped a mixtape about 2 years ago, you can still grab it here HERE!


So it was a nice surprise when somebody named Alejandro aka Ajicero dropped this new mixtape on my page, which I really enjoyed!

Here’s what he says:

Milonga, one more time mix was mixed for the Tango lovers with a brand news Electro influences. Nu Tango is a revival from the Classic Tango with new Electro elements, this elements give the Classic Tango a new personality on the dancefloor.

Milonga, One More Time by Ajicero on Mixcloud

You can grab the tracklist from the player above!


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