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Hey Wizraeli here, wanting to let you know about some heavy tunes that grabbed my attention big time! You know, I go through a lot of music, both commercially released and self-published, and what I have been hearing is a big difference between the two categories. There is something so fresh sounding about listening to a tune right out of the oven, minutes after it was bounced and exported by the artist, slightly raw, maybe unmastered, and just how they intended. The artists are of course influenced by their environment and current worldly affairs and getting to listen to the music immediately after it was created makes the experience more powerful. This is still an emerging phenomena thanks to soundcloud and other services, and music production itself is taking a similar direction. Now, with upcoming cloud-ready music production applications (check out ohm studio), soon transnational collaborations will happen instantaneously and our listening pleasure soon after.

Shifting back to this post, let’s hear what some of the hard rockers of the scene got to offer to us starting with the already Legendary Son Of Kick and this HUUUGE RAW Rmx that stood out my playlist like a giant in a (ganja) garden. Listen to it and tell me if you don’t get what I was just talking about just then, freshness!

son of kick - missill remix

Missill “Invincible” Ft Spoek Mathambo (Son Of Kick Rmx) by Sonofkick

stereotyp logo

CrunchTime Records very own Stereotyp is here again with two new instrumental barefoot riddims. If you ever seen him perform, heard his tracks, or spun them yourself, you know that no one drops that bass as heavy as Stereotyp! So make sure your bass-woofer levels are cranked up, press the big play button below, and check out the latest from the CrunchTime Records production house and Stereotyp who pretty much defined the genre without tempo limits, Barefoot. (be sure to check out their active group on soundcloud). So I am not sure if these riddims are stereo’s, ku bo, or both, so i am giving the credit for them both.

ku bo - coocoo riddim

KU BO CooCoo Riddim by stereotyp ©

ku bo

Dingo riddim by stereotyp ©

bumps and mc zulu

Bumps and MC ZULU, are you prepared for this??? Both artists need no introduction to the scene, and when they collaborate together, flames!!! Feel the vibe, listen to a sample from their upcoming E.P. And here is what Bumps had to say about it on his blog

Comin’ soon is another EP from Chi-Town rez, MC Zulu with a little help from myself, The Bumps, with my hand on the trigger! You’ll able to pick up the whole EP real soon (details to follow), but for now, here’s a preview of what’s going down baby! Rawkuzz…


ori shochat

Ori Shochat, have you heard (you have if you follow us, see vibetown post below :D)? He is a leading Hip-hop DJ and Hip-hop pioneer in Israel, and hosts Israel’s most popular hip-hop show on Radio Tel Aviv. He has produced gold and platinum records for leading Israeli and Arabic artists.

“Recently Ori linked up with the local Dubstep scene – he produced 2009’s biggest dancefloor hit in Israel and is DJing and working with international stars such as Borgore and Tomba. Ori’s new release is a new mixtape alongside DJ Alarm entitled “Vibetown” and has exclusive appearances from artists such as Erykah Badu, DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Beatnuts and more.”

It is his ventures into dubstep and bass music that got him here so make some room because some heavy weight is about to drop on the floor:

don\'t know where i am going!
Let’s start with a track Ori made exclusively available for download for us (by request) on his soundcloud, grab it while it’s hot!

Don’t Know Where I’m Goin (Snippet) by Ori Shochat

Other tunes that totally grabbed me by Ori are:

The dancehall killer:

Lukach – Brandon Walsh (Prod. Ori Shochat & Cohen) by Ori Shochat

karolina (ori shocat remix)

This excellent remix of MC Karolina:

Karolina – Af Echad (Ori Shochat Remix) by Ori Shochat

Back in July of last year, Caballo posted about VibeTown, a funky mixtape Ori and DJ Alarm did, Vibe Town: this multi-genre, multi-style, multi-language, mixtape is a transnational bass killah!!

Very dancefloor-oriented, and still very fresh, grab the FREE Download here: and check the original blog post for track list, artwork and more info:

maga bo

Keeping it heavy and groovy with this BOMBA of a track by Maga BO (thanks for the tip Caballo). Love the drop at 2:34, man this MC is HOT and her voice very powerful, love the variation on the BalieFunk stylee.

Fuego (Maga Bo Remix) – Bomba Estéreo by MAGA BO

d/l link:

boxing gloves

yo yo coming to a drastic end here with this heavy post, so until next week (that’s right I am going weekly now) don’t get knocked out! And if you do, write me about it and specifiy which tune did it to you and ill be sure to go after it!  pm @


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