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It’s hip hop time again ! We had some nice tracks recently with some hip hop beats and I thought we’d gather some of the best. They are all FREE DOWNLOAD and they are ranging from more dark ambiance to instrumental with traditional freshness.

Dj Sandro de America: he’s one of the member of the Frikstailers, so you know what to expect: good quality music with an assumed electro side. Sandro de America send us in the space with “el carton”, so it’s more specifically for our aliens readers with sneakers here…

Sandro dale Pedro – El Carton (Dj Sandro de America Remix) by Dj Sandro de America

Dj 812: as always, I like to try reporting well done tracks even if they are not matching exactly what I’d like, but this mashup is serious: US hip hop with cumbia villera flavour.

Dougie Cumbia (812 Remix) by DJ 812

Irie Mafia: I think this track has already been reported in Gen Bass by Caballo o UMB, but this one always has his place in my playlist so I wanted to give it another chance here. I hope you’ll like it.

12 Lady’s Embassy by Irie Maffia

Katakresis: the man launched an Ep on the Cabeza label and he comes back with “cumbia hop” a melodic instrumental with heavy hip hop beat and cumbia rythm section (bombo, maracass) recorded live and the result is great. I like the andean melody giving piano a naive-melancholic touch, although I am not sure it’s andean because no sample is mentionned… Is it a sample ? I gave play to this one several time in a row: it’s really well done. Thanks Katakresis for sending us that type of tracks !

Cumbia hop (live mix) by katakresis

send us your cumbias to the cumbia group: http://soundcloud.com/groups/cumbia

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