I’m feeling this from thmole:

DJ 0.000001: HOLY F*CKING S*IT
Label: self-released
Format: Digital Audio/Video
Release Date: February 5, 2011


Making a complete 180 from his recent unicorn fixation, DJ 0.000001,
AKA Th’ Mole, has decided to turn from fantasy to harsh reality.  His
latest project is a 9-minute long composition accompanying raw video
footage of last week’s public demonstration in Cairo, Egypt, which
ended with at least 13 people dead and over 1000 wounded.

The video, as well as two versions of the soundtrack are available for
free download at


  1. this track really captures what went down there, specially on that bridge in the video, but all over egypt! “cuz that is just that is just that is just the way shit works sometimes”

  2. Very interesting way of supporting the Egyptian cause.I really hope more and more DJ’s will start writing meaningful parts, and not just music about sex and drugs.

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