This came out last year and I missed out on it.

One of the best albums of 2010, even in 2011, I’d say.

This is what PRINCE ought to sound like today and what he would sound like if he collaborated with Flying Lotus.

This whole album is ridiculously sublime, reminds so much of Prince’s “Around The World In a Day” era but Flying Lotus StePPed, if you can imagine that!

That’s why you need to be on to it, if you are not already.


Here’s another track from it together with lyrics, which kinda reminds me of “Condition of the Heart” by Prince.  Bilal puts his own twist on it though!

Ever told you bout the boy
Who said he was a Virgo?
He walked around doin every little thing
he thought a Virgo does.
Until he read in the paper
that he might be a Leo
so he started actin out on every little thing
he thought a leo should.

Til somebody hit ’em upside his head with a bottle
now he’s out there brawling in the street like a warrior.
Fighting for his life
Yes he was fighting for his life. (Who are you)

Ever told you bout the girl
who thought she was a Christian?
so she walked around tryin to save everyone
just like the Christ had done
Until she heard from the Sun
that she was really an Egyptian
and the Pope just stole all of his concepts
straight from the pyramid walls.

Now she’s searchin through her heart tryin to find the answers
to this life
this heaven, this hell
this heaven, this hell

(who are you……who are you……who are you)
(who are you……who are you……who are you)

When the band stops playin and the lights go down and
the pusher man’s gone and your friends ain’t around
time to go home but it’s early in the morning
and your thoughts won’t stop but it’s too late to get away
Do you think about the good times?
Or do you think about the bad?

Do you let them tee you off? Can you just let it go?
Tell me can you let it go?
(who are you…..who are you…..who are you)

I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a saint, I’m a sinner
I’m a loser, I’m a winner, but I’m just a beginner
I’m a
chief and Indian
I’m a builder, I’m a part, I’m a help
I’m the problem, I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a son
I’m a
lover I’m a
I’m just a lover I’m a
I’m a lover I’m a
I’m a
I’m a Muslim, Christian
Heathen child of the funk
I’m a freak, I’m a mind-number
anything you want I’m a
I’m your lover I’m a fighter, I’m a saint, I’m a sinner, I’m a
whoaa, basically
I’m just a human being, yeah
be what I wanna be
that’s who I am
spiritually, yeah
spiritually, yeah

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