[Artwork – Daniel Jung]

GoldRush is releasing his debut EP on Generation Bass Digital on Valentines Day called “LOVE Hz”!

It will be released exclusively with Beatport for 2 weeks followed by worldwide at all platforms on 1st March 2011!

Here’s a lil’ preview of what to expect:

GoldRush Carpe Diem for Lovers (Unmastered ver) – Forthcoming on Generation Bass 14 February 2011 by djumb

The extended version of the video and loads of other goodies coming on Valentines Day!

GoldRush V2 from vincentetdesbroutilles on Vimeo.

Here’s the PR:

In this day and age, when every dj and their aunt have a dubstep
label, it takes some digging to find the jewels in the pile of generic
dubstep being dropped on us. Generation Bass is happy to announce they
have found theirs in the form of Los Angeles’ GoldRush, a talented
young producer, bound to take dubstep to the next level. This guy
fuses his dubstep with symphonic elements and adds multi
instrumentalism and complex melody layers to boot. Sometimes using the
bleepy aesthetic to make a point, these are actual compositions, which
work on multiple layers of listening. This is stuff that works in the
club with it’s driving beats and hooks as well as real listening music
that you can play at home and enjoy. GoldRush is rapidly making a name
for himself in his own city and the entire West Coast, now Generation
Bass is ready to present him and his astounding music to the rest of
the world!

Epic / Romantic / Bass

GoldRush, absorbed in the current resonant energies and profound experience of dancing to/through/within/above/beyond bass heavy music, is on a humble quest to create and deliver music that inspires Romanticism through Dubstep influenced composition. GoldRush is sweating through molten sound and clarifying reflective intention in hopes to one day bring you what you want : the Gold.


Here’s a fabulous Bjork Remix that we will be giving away for free on Valentines Day.  it’s the best remix of this track I’ve ever heard.

Also take a listen to this, a beautiful Beatles remix he did for a free compilation.

Because (GoldRush Remix) by GruntWorthy Music

Be ready for the biggest love in of your life!

Here’s what being said about Carpe Diem:

*oh jesus god

*Oh yes, i love this

*wicked drop!

*Pretty epic with the note selection

*blown away O_O

*Damn awesome!

*This is great!

*HUGE, luv it!!!

*awesome track!

*wow !! dude! awesome track . love it

*holy ! : o

*Fuckin’ wicked chopping/warping bruh!

*Beautiful track

*This EP is going to be straight fire, mang! So excited for the finished project!

*Really diggin the vibe here bro. Great work on this tune!

*Fantastic bass!

*moody shnizness :))

*like it ! pretty melody

*nice vocal touch….thx for sharing!

*nice nice

*this is great

*good job

*like this chord progression

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