Here’s some cool new funky Persian House sounds together with some tropical vybz below!

Here’s what they say:

A friend and I are trying to heat up the city with a new dance project based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US). Our first two songs seem a bit up your alley, so I thought I’d send them your way.

I titled this one “Booye Underground,” where “booye” means “scent” or “smell” in Persian. It’s a little bit on the funky house UK side, with some Persian percussion and vocal/instrumental snippets mixed in (I tried to throw in a dub/bass drop, but I’m not sure how successful it was). My bandmate is Iranian, and we wanted to put together something uplifting and dancey for all the global peoples struggling under repressive regimes without sacrificing that the underlying current of state repression is very dirty, grimey, and wobbly!

Chronic Pain – Booye Underground by chronicpain

This one’s called “Barrio Independencia,” and it has a little bit of a tropical house/reggaeton vibe to it and is inspired by the Chilean neighborhood where most of my favorite poets grew up!

Chronic Pain – Barrio Independencia by chronicpain

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