A few very simple words:

One of “the” releases of 2011 from the Best Dance Act in the World today!

By right this act should be playing stadiums every gig, every day, everywhere!

Check out the mini-mix to their forthcoming release on Feb 15th on one of our label faves, Diplo’s MAD DECENT!

This is the sound of early classic Schlachthofbronx, the band who we all fell in love with.  They’ve gone back to their roots and they sound amazing!

Nasty bass promomix – schlachthofbronx by schlachthofbronx

Nasty Bass EP dropping 15th FEB (Beatport exclusive), 15th MAR (all plattforms)

1) Chambacu
2) Nasty Bass feat. Spoek Mathambo & Bigspace
3) Impler Feat. Spoek Mathambo
4) The Bassdrum Feat. Timberlee

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