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Damn Zun is in the e-building with a little party pack of downloads for you. We’re going to do this like a club set, or a house party playlist. So we’ll start it slow and sexy and cut through the BPMs like a hot knife through some queso fresco.

Up first a brand new one from DeeJay Mati with a cumbia rebajada desde Villa La Rana, Argentina:

La Cumbia Rebajada – Deejay Mati 2O11 by Damn Zun™ – BK,NYC

You say you don’t like acordeons? You’re tired of all the scraping hi’s?

Well, vamos! How about the man, EL GENERAL, and a moombahmash of PUN PUN x COSITA BUENA?

That one coming from Oscar “DJ Legacy” Mendieta, Nicaraguan producer currently making moves in the DC Metro area. Stumbled across this on 4shared. It takes a bit of digital sifting, but if you’re not up on 4S, get with it.

Now to take it up another notch, an edit from Britain and Mr. Jake Twell:

Symone – Runnin (Jake Twell Moombahton Edit) by Jake Twell

Jake was feelin the original Symone track, but it had to be dropped down to reggaeton speeds, then presented to the genre-Gods for co-signing and subsequent Moombahton crossover. Only a handful of downloads left!

And now the final hour. Your house is getting live, people are breaking glasses. Or in the club, shots are flowing freely at this point. The DJ’s playing Mambo Urbano and on the dance floor you think you’ve found the ONE. Is she making eyes at you, or are you simply mesmerized by her hips?

Fuego Ft. Ricky Lindo Ponte Pa Mi by JoseMambo

The Down On Me Mambo Remix, produced by Now & Laterz, featuring Fuego and Ricky Lindo. No sirens, no dirty basslines, just straight and very mainstream Merengue Electronico. Rompe todo with this promo foto!!

Fuego ft Ricky Lindo

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