generationbass transnational dubstep release sixdegrees

If you’re in the States, you know you can get the CD & digital downloads.

So you got the CD, now get the T-shirt or get both if you don’t have any!


Purchase CD & Tee for Women HERE

Purchase CD & Tee for Men HERE

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Here’s a lovely Podcast from the peeps over at Mundo Vibe and it contains some truly sublime stuff including a track from our Transnational Dubstep compilation.

This is really worth checking out.  It’s a great listen! (Sorry no download).

MundoVibe Mix February 2011 by mundovibe

Featuring tunes from Ursula Rucker, Cheikh Lo, Afrocubism, Tommy Guerrero, Empresarios, Ballaké Sissoko, Chandrika, Smadar Levi and a whole lot more.

Great to see Smadar in there, real good friend of mine <3 Smadar!


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