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Now ain’t that some hardcore swag. Nah terrorcore swag. No this is on some speedcore swag. You could try to achieve this other level type of swagdom, but that seems impossible.

So Im finding myself half dead at Mad Decent Studios in LA at the moment, doing the most boring thing ever for hours (closing in on days): awnsering e-mails.  But this is a thing that needs to be done aswell and I don’t want u guys think I’m ignoring your mails. I’m trying to respond to everything and thats exactly what I’m doing right now, even if it’s gonna cost me days lol.

You know what that is? That’s called determination mothafucka.

Anyway enough crap talking about my e-mail sadness.

I’m kinda pissed.

You know why?

I was listening to this mix by my dudes Silky Boys and that shit was fuckin’ awesome.  Then after a bunch of awesomeness I hear this sentence:

“Push me. And then just hurt me. Till I can get my. Satisfaction. Drop the beat.”  synth starts fading in..

I’m thinking to myself “Oh no they didnt, they wouldn’t dare to drop that shit?!”, but they did! THEY FUCKIN’ DID!! Then out of nothing I found myself listening to one of my favorite Bubbling tracks ever, while doing the most boring thing ever! And I kept replaying it again, again and again. Dude, severe grind-hood flashbacks of when I was freaking out to that shit.

That track is called: Benny Benassi – Satisfaction [Naffie Bubbling Rmx]

I can say a lot of things about this track, of how awesome it is, and also the fact that Naffie hates Moombahton, but I aint mad at that. He made this HUGE track.

U also have the newer kind of Bubbling. In the likes of Master D – Mad Drumz, Shaun D – Pull Up. Then u have the DJ Bigga – Boeke track.

Personally I think it’s one of the best -if not the best- produced Bubbling tracks ever.  This shit hits so hard, it’s like no other Bubbling track..

Talking to a few of these dudes they are very suprised that their shit is even known outside of Holland, let alone even played outside of Holland.  The thing is everybody is either moving on to Dutch House or they just stop making it after they get older.  So the group is getting smaller and smaller, while there still is a huge potential in Bubbling.  Have in mind though that most of the people that are making or were making Bubbling are still young as fuck.

One of the DJ’s that is in the picture now and had old Bubbling fame is of course DJ Chuckie. He just switched to House at the right time and he made it work for him.  That’s cool and all, but his ‘Carribean Drums’ track is still being played in Holland. Either that or you can hear the major influence it had on the tracks now. That kind of says something.  (I even heared a 3ball remix of his ‘Party Crasher’ track, WTF.)

You also have all these older tracks from the tape days that are almost impossible to find + the tracks in the Kaaza era when u had a Bubbling remix of every new song released.  Now it seems more organized, but everything from that period -especially the Kaaza era- is basically lost. Same goes for the early version of Dominican Mambo, almost impossible to find online.

So basically my point is, why is this genre dying while it never had the peak it deserved, had this major influence in one of the biggest genres atm, never had a proper releases (except the lame commercial Bubbling Beats Series) and the ones that still seem to notice and give attention to the genre live anywhere except the country of origin (Dave Quam, Wayne&Wax).

Like I told you in the beginning, I’m in LA at the moment, so I don’t have my full music library with me. Consider this part 1, where part 2 will be a shitload of tracks that never even left Holland and shit nobody in their right mind will even begin searching for with Google as a starting base.

I’m out.


P.S. I’m posting something on GB with my laptop @ Mad Decent headquarters.. LOL


    1. It reminds me of kuduro a lot, but a bit more techy. You should check these guys out: check out the videos below, it was a venezuelan scene from 2006 – 2007 -2008 mostly a dance scene called the TUKYS or TUKIS the parties and soundsystems supporting this sound & dance movement have sort of dissapeared for now, but im sure they would flip out with these tracks…

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