Some kid with big hair who likes to make weird music. "Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta."


Ok for real, I got problems. I got a serious pan flute addiction like for example heared in the 3Ball songs. Or the like totally unnecassary panflute additions to tracks.. gotta love them! Support the panflute, it’s gangsta (yeah, even more than the O.G. himself, the cowbell).

So imagine how many times the replay button got molested when this got in the picture:

Teaser Matanza from Meschi on Vimeo.

Originally called Matenlo, now under a new name Matanza from Chile are taking the shamanic rhytyms to 2010 in exactly the right way. Agreeing 100% with the drunk lookin dude in the beginning, lol.

Support good music, support the cowbell, support the panflute, DO IT!!



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