lil b

I’m telling you, this guy LIL B is insane. Completely transforming the hip hop world with every headline, he’s breaking all the unwritten rules right now with this amazing collection. 676, yes, you’ve read it right… 676 FREE TRACKS! and this is not throwaway material. This is solid, deep inventive hiphop crafted over the last couple of years and given away on his myspace pages and in his mixtapes and compilations.

The tracklist to this collection is 20 pages. Can you even begin to fathom this? The entire collection is what… 46 albums? It’ll take you more than a week non stop listening to hear all this. Wow, I’m amazed and blown away by this amount of music. My good friend V/VM already gave away free music for every day of an entire year, but this is equally amazing… although ten less tracks would’ve made a cooler total number of tracks right? enjoy!

this is just the tracklist

PART 1 of the 676
PART 2 of the 676
PART 3 of the 676

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