I like it when music has it story behind the URL and screens… Today it won’t be a serious cumbia post. I have a fun and strange story for you. Nothing heavy musical, just good pop & good  vibes. I want to present you a guy whose energy reminded me of the Beastie boys when they were doing punk. Let me tell you the whole story of el cumbiambero de Estonia…

Hi name is Mayonesa, he used to lived in Mendoza, Argentina. But like every cumbiambero of its kind, he wanted to travel the world. So he packed his stuff and emigrated to Barcelona. This is the story of many of us. Yes, but Mayonesa, he’s different. He is crazyer than a Belgian trying to be a Pastuzo !! For some reason, he met 2 estonian girls and made a good friendship with them, decided to record songs in estonian and attack the small country.

el cumbiambero de estonia

So, he pushed his faith to the next level, composed other (simple and fun) pop songs and went to Estonia to compete for the Eurovision, as an argentinan, for Estonia, with a CUMBIA ! When he arrived there at the radio station, the journalist asked him if he was in contact with Eurovision and he responded with a big funny, yet humble, smile mashed between three words of estonian: “Well I just saw them this morning in the communication & television dpt. so I guess, I’ll be famous in di afternoon…” laughing from his proper chatty mouth. And… that’s what occured !!

It’s not going bad for him there, he became a kind of popstar, he touring the country (rock & roll way) and more generally in the East (he has been seen from Paris to Romania…). Check youtube, it’s loaded with crazy Mayonesa stuff: he has the soul of a crazy cumbiambero who seems to tell us: “do whatever you want in life, but do it with all the energy of your soul, enjoy life, DOWNLOAD and be happy !!”

It’s very pop to my taste, but again, it’s fun, energetic and cool. I can understand the estonians who sing with him “if you don’t dance (cumbia), that’s cause you are a cop… !!” So leave the cop that inside you, be rock & roll, and dance cumbia !


What do you think… he really went to sing at the estonian police station ??? Response here !


  1. This is post is proper journalism Canallh bro, thank you for writing this great story and for introducing us with this great guy and musician. I really enjoy his music and style and those 3 remixes at the end of the post are actually really good mixed-style mash-ups (the reggeaton one is my pick) and the wav d/l a bonus!

    great way to start the day in cumbia style!

  2. thank you very much Wizraeli. I apreciate. I’d do anything for the cumbia sake… Yes you are right although it has a strong pop packaging, pop style, his music is really really catchy. And I spend my time listening to immortal classics from the 70’s ! But couldn’t help pressing play on his stuff. It has really something… I like him a lot. He makes me happy and smile !! 🙂


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