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Last Saturday, I got a call from my homeboy and fellow music enthusiast about some free tickets to a show down in Boulder. Who is playing I asked and to my surprise and content he told me that Filastine was the opening act for Heavyweight dub champions. Are you for real I asked, because this is not a name you’d expect to just swing by. Grey Filastine played a live AV set that totally reminded us how skillful and rhythmic this guy is. With two laptops and heaps of controllers, mics, and drums he rocked both audio and video in perfect synchronization. Check out some clips I captured for ya’ll:

His album dirty bombs (and the remixes) has been a favorite and it got some heavy play on my worldbeat radio show and at dj gigs. The mix he posted online about a year ago is very impressive and mui bombastic

Download it here:

We Are Experiencing Turbulence (Insurrectionary Bass Music Sin Fronteras mixed by Filastine) by Filastine

I caught a word with Grey after his set and he told me that he signed with an American booking company and here he was in America where usually he tours Europe and Asia. My next question of course was about new material to which he replied that yea he is working on a new epic album and video footage. As you might know the guy is a heavy traveler and at the moment he is living/recording in Indonesia with a local super-talented activist MC. The word is that we should expect a new bomb to be dropped by Filastine in the last quarter of 2011, so until then, don’t miss the opportunity to catch him on the tour, and be sure that we will cover the release right here on GB.

Catch him next:


Grey Filastine is a producer/musician based in Barcelona, but more often found traveling with his nomadic studio: studying trance rhythms in Morocco, recording rappers in Indonesia, and gathering street noise from everywhere to compose a dense transnational bass music. It’s a sound that collides the deepest frequencies of dubstep with syncopated beat science, acoustic instruments and voices of many tongues.

Best known for his hectic live performances, Filastine triggers riddims and synchronized video from a heap of electronics and an amplified shopping cart, expertly fusing digital elements with live percussion.

From a hip-hop concert in Borneo to a soccer stadium in Casablanca, from a car-mounted guerrilla soundsystem to a junk raft floating down the Mississippi, he has played in every type of venue imaginable, with prominent billing at festivals such as Sonar (ES), Transmediale (DE), Shambhala (CA) and Sydney Fest (AU). Performances often feature guest cellist Amélie Bouard or vocalist Nova Ruth Setyaningtyas.

Filastine recently dropped his second album Dirty Bomb (2009), a gritty soundclash recorded in 16 cities with 15 collaborators. “Awesome and delicate… hybrids so fluent they defy classification” Pitchfork, “the prototype of globalized urban sound… It will devastate your subwoofer” -Prefix Mag. Like the music itself, its distribution is rhizomic and decentralized; the album was released simultaneously on four regional indie labels: Jarring Effects (France/EU), Romz (Japan), Soot (Americas/UK), Uber Lingua
(Oceania). Dirty Bomb hit with a hundred-date tour, three music videos, and heavy radio play charting at #4 on the French Feraliste, #7 on CMJ’s RPM in North America.

Filastine first went public in 2006 with the album Burn It on DJ Rupture’s boutique imprint Soot Records. “Filled with both jagged edges and moments of sad sweetness… Burn It is sure to win fans across multiple scenes” -XLR8R. Next came a pair of dj mixes, The Mud, Blood, & the Beer: a Fistfight with the Near East (CD,Tigerbeat6), and the heavily downloaded free mix La Pistola Mas Rapida ( podcast #7 & CD).

Before going digital Filastine founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a 20-piece marching band formed for the “battle of Seattle” that went on to become the soundtrack for a decade of globalization protests. The Infernal Noise Brigade was purpose-built to bring music to political movements in the street. Filastine now
does the reverse, pumping the immediacy of the street through sound systems.

2010 began with a sonic intervention at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, a 12″ of remixes Extra Dirty Bomb, and the new dj mix We Are Experiencing Turbulence. Expect to find him anywhere, shredding the instruction manual of music, crashing borders, and transforming friction into beauty.


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