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Valentines week eh… well I have to admit I kind of suck at being romantic sometimes, but then my girl did go off on holiday to New York without me on Valentine’s day so I think maybe this year I can be forgiven. No matter, Valentine’s does at least give me a flimsy pretext for a sort-of-theme for this weeks mixtapes – but rather than romance I’m talking love – love of music… So here’s a little selection of mixtapes in which the selectas aren’t trying to be cool or up to the minute or exclusive… just sharing the music they love. Next week back to some global filth, promise!



Bass music heavyweight turns in a mix showcasing some of his influences…

I was recently asked to make a mix for the Tom Ravenscroft show on BBC6 Music. Instead of an all electronic mix of some random ‘dope’ tunes out there right now, I figured I would give an insight into some other music that has moved me over the past few years.
With the 20 mins given, I tried my best to give you an insight. I tried mighty hard to include Peter Gabriel, but alas…
I would highly encourage anyone to dive further into the artists works below.

I would highly encourage you to do the same, as I have been over the past few days (except Tom Waits, whose entire back catalogue is already on regular rotation on my headphones. Anyone who makes any sort of music should have Tom Waits on their list of influences, no matter what you do the man has something to teach you). Phosphorescent’s album Pride is particularly amazing. This whole mix / selection is just sublime.

Eskmo: BBC6 Mini Mix – Dec 2010 (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Eskmo

1) Prison Songs (Parchman Farm 1947/48) “Old Dollar Mamie”
2) Tom Waits: “Clap Hands”
3) Phosphorescent: “At Death, A Proclomation”
4) The Residents: “Jambalaya”
5) Yeasayer: “Forgiveness”
6) Jónsi: “Kolnidur”
7) Actress: “Futurproofing”
8) Benoit Pioulard: “Lasted”
9) The Residents: “The Festival of Death”



After the electro swing thing hit it big last summer, is rockabilly going to be the next crossover genre? I dunno, I’m just holding out for the SkiffleTek revolution. No matter, this mix isn’t concerned with what the next zeitgeist may be, it’s just a quality selection of Rockabilly tuneage… Thanks to Man Recordings for digging this one out.

Monica Sharp – Rockabilly Whatever Mix 2 by MonicaSharp

Moonshot – Tooter Boatman
Hey Pardner- Cassie Ballou
Electrode – BB Cunningham
Bo Diddley – Heart O Matic Love
Country Shindig – (Unknown)
Itll be me – Teddy Rendell
Baby Baby – Dale Hawkins
Bo Diddley – Beautiful Delilah
I wanna be free – Evelyn Harlene
Cat Walk – Tiny Fuller
Stormy – Cecil Moore
Shes something else – Eddie Cochoran
Mary Lou – Sonny Burgess
Love Is Strange – Lonnie Donegan

Soldia Sound

dancehall university

Ok so this one is on a romantic ting. You gotta love a bit of lover’s rock every now and then, yeah it’s cheesy and sappy but it has its place…

Forgot to buy your girl a bunch Roses? Don’t worry Soldia Sound got something to solve your problem and save your couple… Just download our Dancehall University Valentine’s Edition podcast and burn your girl a copy.

Dancehall University Podcast 6 Valentine’s Edition by Soldia Sound

No tracklist for this one… it’s just “a selection of the greatest Lover’s Rock track to make her wine all night long in a digital style!”

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