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“Master Of Complication”



We are really impressed with Canblaster’s ability to smoothly combine genres creating fun, uplifting, unpredictable, and joyful music! He has been featured on our blog before with his laser bass music.

His MoC E.P was released today (2/15/11) and it is full with creativity and excellent tunes crafty mastered. Head over to your favorite beat store and grab these primer materials to work with as DJs and very enjoyable tunes to chill to as listeners.

Grab Clockworks, the first track on the new EP, and hear for yourself:

few  favorites from the cloud:
J-Wow – Fogo/Spark (Canblaster remix) DOWNLOAD LINK IN COMMENTS by CANBLASTER (Club Cheval)

Monsieur Monsieur – Dirtyminded (Canblaster Remix) by CANBLASTER (Club Cheval)
Style of Eye & Slagsmalsklubben – Homeless (Canblaster remix) by CANBLASTER (Club Cheval)


Official Press:

One doesn’t expect to speak about clocks when it comes to club music. “Master Of Complication” the new Ep by Canblaster, is a concept record about time, speed and, well, the complexity of watches. Of course there are many things about the music of Canblaster that is not what you expect. First of all, his music is ultra-melodic with an almost Zen like use of melodies that lifts you right off the ground. Then there’s the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink beats filled with details that always seem to point outward to an even larger world.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let us introduce you to Canblaster, aka Cédric Steffens, he’s from Northern France and he’s part of the Club Cheval crew that’s currently storming the scene.  He’s only 22 but his unique ability to combine genres and sounds belie wisdom beyond his years.  “Master Of Complication” is his first for Nightshifters and, to be honest, it’s so full of new noises we’re not really sure how to describe it.

“Clockworks”, the slowest track (132bpm), kicks it all off with a soaring melody of reverberant House stabs and ticking watch beats. One notch faster is “Triple Ring” (140bpm) with probably the catchiest vocal hook of the year! It’s a UK-influenced club smash like no other! Sure, people could call “Lost In The Shell” (160bpm) a juke/footwork styled tune, but they’d be overlooking all the other music smashing – it’s the hardest song of the lot and guaranteed to start fights!  The release ends with “Timemaster’s Chronicles” (180bpm), a thrillingly progressive tune that remains true to the Ep’s R&B tinged spirit while hinting at every other musical genre in existence. Really!

In addition to 4 completely amazing original tracks, we have 4 completely amazing remixes. French superstars Para One & Teki Latex team up for one of their best remixes ever on “Clockworks”, a time-crushing fusion of synths past and present with added Robotic vocals.  We’re proud to debut one of our new artists as well – Magnum takes “Triple Ring” and cuts it with superbly with breaks and a ton of atmosphere. Jubilee takes the same track to Miami, adds a touch of acid, and lets that bass boom! Bambounou takes “Timemaster’s Chronicles” and completely reconfigures it as a steamy northern UK bass masterpiece from the future!­

Canblaster is also the first of a next generation of producers we’re proud to be working with. Together with Magnum (he’s next), Distal and Talk, they are a new generation of producers that are pushing the limits in a big way.


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