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Music is all about relations, exchange, networks and having fun uniting us. Sometimes we fail,  but above all there’s LOVE: I got that song after some parceros (dudes, mates) from Medellin gently made promotion of my mix “Aurevoir Colombie” to Andrea in Bogota. Andrea is in charge of Trafico Independiente a new media dedicated to alternatives and independent music and present us, as a first single, this marvellous marimba track which appeared here after 4 persons have heen involved promoting music from others… Keep the solidarity and quality high !


When I was in Medellin, I met at Unconvention 2010, Jeff (well I jumped on him to put my mixtape in his hands…) , which I knew for beeing one of the famous editors (together with Robin) of THE AREPA magazine an “all english magazine” about Medellin and its life. In the magazine, they have a special editorial line which is focusing on interesting and alternative projects in Medellin and Colombia as well as more hype stuff; they do not discriminate topics, they feel free to talk, to show, everything and they do it great. Tey even mentionned Generation bass in this 11th edition article about the new colombian sound. I’d dare to say they are playing their role in the improvement of Medellin’s new image. In a few years, they gained a huge recognition there. On top of that, and in collaboration with the University of Antioquia, they hold a precious radio show “Prime cuts radio” which has a good musical programation (on FM and podcast) and has more and more interested in the nu cumbia movement as well as supporting local artists of all genres. Once again, very well done. In this one, they received the CUMBA MELA collective on a 3 months trip in Colombia.

Prime Cuts 1218 by Prime Cuts Radio

The funny thing is that moderating the cumbia group on soundcloud I met with Dj Gozar, turning out to be a good friend of Jeff… He left us this VERY good mix orientated cumbia / funk: both Jeff and Gozar are funk lovers and used to spin it in LA. FREE DOWNLOAD !

DJ Gozar – Ritmo Pa Gozar 2 by DJ Gozar

Guys, let’s do some Generation Bass / The Arepa Magazine collaboration one of these days: pa Gozar la vida !


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