Mr. Pauer (Toto Gonzalez) is a globetrotting DJ/Producer and remixer born in the Caribbean city of Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, who is now based in the sunshine funk of Miami, FL. Ever since Mr. Pauer moved to Miami over 18 years ago, he has helped the city develop a burgeoning scene of international music through his long-running DJ residencies, and the Fabrika brand (; one of the leading websites in the US promoting World beats, Latin culture, and indie music for more than 10 years.

Mr. Pauer’s musical influences are as diverse as rock, electro, new wave, house, tropical and cumbia, which runs the gamut; creating a dynamic musical explosion in his production and live sets. His upcoming debut release, Soundtrack (out February 15th) is a collection of songs that are loosely defined as “Electropical” beats. The production value is aimed at inviting you to dance, despite cultural backgrounds; very typical of his DJ sets and crowds. “Living back in Venezuela I grew up listening to Anglo and Spanish rock, my mother used to listen to boleros, my dad to traditional Venezuelan music, my older brothers to American 80’s pop, and to socialize I had to learn how to dance salsa and merengue. Magically after years, I connected dots unconsciously creating an array of sounds that identify with the culture I grew up with,” says Mr. Pauer. There’s no wonder that the Miami New Times called him, “…perhaps the most international of all Miami DJs.”

Mr. Pauer’s exuberant musical experience and passion mixing music from all over the world have earned him the opportunity to play at events like the Latin Grammy Awards (2010), The Latin Alternative Music Conference (2009/10), Premios Fox Sport (2010), and sharing stages with notable artists including Céu, Julieta Venegas, Macaco, Novalima, ZZK and Los Amigos Invisibles among others. Catch Mr. Pauer on tour in support of this release.


Stream some tracks from the album including a free download:

Mr. Pauer – Soundtrack – Release date: February 15, 2011 by Mr Pauer


If that wasn’t hot enough, take your clothes off and get down and duuurty to this mix:

Mr Pauer-Electropico Mixtape by Mr Pauer

01 La Murga de Panama – Willie Colon (Mr. Pauer remix)
02 Rhinestone Eyes – Gorillaz (Mr. Pauer remix)
03 Cumbion Del Sur feat. Itagüi – Mr. Pauer
04 La Cumbia Prohibida – Niña Dioz feat. Li Saumet / El Remolon & Villa Diamante
05 Que Si Que No – Mr. Pauer
06 Abrazame – Los Rakas (Uproot Andy remix)
07 Lullaby – The Cure (Mr. Pauer Remix)
08 Mente De Mente – Mr. Pauer


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